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How To Maintain a Cordless Drill?

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To maintain a cordless drill, ensure that you clean and lubricate the chuck on a regular basis. Also, you need to store the tool properly after each use. Read through to learn more about how you can give your cordless drill the best care.

As with most tools with moving parts, cordless drills require regular maintenance to prevent wear and tear. Additionally, maintaining your cordless drill will make it more efficient, allowing you to finish all your DIY projects in time.

With proper maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan of your cordless, thus saving you from buying a new one from time to time. Besides, cordless drills have few parts, thus making them very easy to care for.

And because you are dealing with a cordless unit, you also need to care for the battery to get maximum runtime during usage. If you are thinking of adding another cordless drill to your toolkit, click here to choose from our list of options.

Tips for Maintaining a Cordless Drill

To get the best out of your cordless drill, you need to keep the tool in good condition. This will allow you to power through your projects without experiencing any problems. As you already know, not all cordless drills are designed the same, so some models may require additional maintenance for them to operate smoothly.

That being said, ensure that you go through the user manual provided by the manufacturer to give your cordless drill proper care. Here are the common ways through which you can maintain a cordless drill:

Regular cleaning

Almost every power tool requires some level of cleaning after use, and cordless drills are no exception. For your safety, ensure that you take out the battery before you start cleaning the drill.

The cleaning instructions may vary from one drill to another, depending on the brand and model that you are using. You should consider buying a specialised cleaning kit for your drill, as this will allow you to clean all the components without causing any damage.

When cleaning, gently clear out debris from the trigger switch, around the chuck, and vent holes. In most cases, you will be able to get all the dirt by simply cleaning the drill from the outside. Never unscrew the casing of your cordless drill if you are not sure of what you are doing.


After doing away with the debris, you can now lubricate the drill. As earlier mentioned, cordless drills have moving parts that are susceptible to wear and tear. If you don’t lubricate your drill regularly, some of the components will heat up and degrade over time, resulting in costly replacements.

You can avoid this by lubricating the drill at least three times every week. However, this may vary depending on the frequency of use. Drills should be properly lubricated before and after use.

Only apply a reasonable amount of lubricant each time to prevent the build-up of gunk. But most importantly, you should see to it that you use the right type of lubricant.

Proper usage

Ensure that you use your cordless drill the right way each time you are working. The rule of thumb is to always keep the drill perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. This way, the drill bit will run smoothly without getting stuck.

To add to this, you should use the right bit for the job to avoid damaging the chuck and other parts of the drill. The settings should also be adjusted with caution, especially when drilling hard materials.

Replace worn-out parts

With time, some parts of your drill will wear out, and you’ll have to replace them. If you are using a brushed drill, you need to check and replace the carbon brushes regularly to ensure the drill is working as it should.

Leaving worn-out carbon brushes inside your cordless drill can cause serious damage to the armature. If this happens, you’ll be forced to buy a new drill. You also need to check if the chuck is in good condition.

Take care of the battery

Cordless drills depend on rechargeable batteries that are designed to offer maximum runtime with a single charge. However, this will only apply if the battery is given proper care. The battery terminals should be cleaned frequently to prevent corrosion.

Try as much as you can to keep the heat levels at a minimum to avoid shortening the life span of the battery. In addition to this, the battery should be kept dry at all times. When using rechargeable batteries, you should avoid draining all the juice before plugging the unit for a charge.

The charging time should also be minimised. With that being said, you need to unplug the battery once it reaches its full capacity. If you know that you will be storing your drill for a long period, you should consider removing the battery.

Proper storage

How you store your tools will determine everything at the end of the day. The environment in which the drill is stored should be clean and dry. It should also not be directly exposed to the elements. We recommend that you store your cordless drill in its original carry case. This will protect it from dust and other destructive forces. If you don’t have a case, you can purchase one separately.


Caring for a cordless drill is very easy, since most of the maintenance practices are things that you can do every time you are done using the tool. One of the best ways that you can maintain a cordless drill is by using it correctly.

Before powering your drill, you should consider reading the user manual to the letter to avoid the common mistakes that most people make. Always clean, lubricate and store your cordless drill as directed by the manufacturer. With proper care, both the drill and the battery will serve you for years.

We hope that the dos and don’ts that we have discussed above will help you give your cordless drill the care that it needs.


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