Petoi Bittle Palm-Sized Robot Dog


The Petoi Bittle robot dog has a special 2×5 socket that allows the mounting of a Raspberry Pi or other similar chips which can be used to integrate artificial intelligence. With that in mind, the possibilities for the Bittle are endless.


Always wanted a pet but couldn’t have one due to allergies or asthma? Or maybe you’ve seen the videos of robotics companies showing off those cool four-legged robots walking around and figured you want one for yourself. The Petoi Bittle is a tiny little robot dog about the size of your palm that’s both advanced and affordable. It can play cool tricks like real-life animals and can be evolved to exhibit new features such as AI and different sensors thanks to its robust, open platform design.

Putting the Petoi Bittle together is both fun and easy on account of its simple structure and limited number screws. Think of it like high stakes Legos that should come together in about an hour or so, give or take. The Bittle feels soft due to the elasticity of the materials it’s made out of and the spring-loaded legs it stands on, but make no mistake, it’s more than capable of dealing with dust and collisions and was even able to handle the force of an adult stepping on it during testing.

And in case it does sustain some damage, the Bitte was designed to isolate the spot where the damage occurred, allowing you to easily fix or replace the part at a very affordable cost. Whether it’s for yourself or your loved ones, the Petoi Brittle makes a fantastic gift for people with an affinity towards technology and animals.

Petoi Bittle Specs

  • Bittle is 20cm x 11cm x 11cm in dimension. It weighs less than 280g but can carry up to 450g cargo under its belly.
  • P1S servo uses a coreless motor, alloy gears, ball bearing, and plastic case. It’s 8.4V compatible, high speed, and has a controllable range of 270 degrees.  
  • NyBoard V1 has an Atmega328P with 16MHz CPU, 2K SRAM, and 32K flash. The creators have also added an 8K I2C EEPROM, an IMU, a servo driver for 12 PWM servos, an infrared receiver, and a buzzer. It has a 2×5 socket to mount on a Raspberry Pi.
  • BiBoard V0 has an ESP32 with 240MHz dual-core CPU, 520KB SRAM, and up to 16M flash. It has built-in WiFi/Bluetooth, 12 PWM servo pins, an IMU, an infrared receiver, an audio amplifier, and a speaker. It has several communication ports to connect to other devices.  
  • The Bluetooth dongle is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android. It can also work on IOS with some auxiliary software. It can be used for uploading Arduino sketch or communicating with the NyBoard. The WiFi module can host a simple WebUI and communicate with the NyBoard.
  • The intelligent camera module is the developer’s ODMed product. It integrates multiple vision recognition algorithms running on its ESP32 dual-core processor. It can return recognized human body, objects, and symbols through serial/I2C/WiFi at a rate of 25fps or 50fps. It can even stream video through WiFi. 


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