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The 8 Best Lightsaber Replicas To Unlock Your Inner Jedi

Start your Jedi Training today with these awesome Lightsaber replicas! ✨🤺
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Welcome young padawan. Here you will choose your lightsaber replica. This will be your weapon of choice throughout your Jedi (or Sith) training and it will be your greatest ally throughout your many adventures. Once the time is right and you’ve proven yourself worthy, your Master will finally grant you access to a real lightsaber… maybe.

In our inventory, we have many lightsaber replicas to fit your personality and fighting style. Just choose one below and let your training begin!

What You Need to Know About Lightsaber Replicas

Lightsaber replicas used to be few and far between but these days there is no shortage of models to choose from. Once limited to extremely high-end custom-built lightsaber replicas, they are now available to those who don’t want to remortgage their house to get a piece of Jedi action.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away lightsaber replicas would cost upwards of $1000 but you can now pick up a decent one for a few hundred dollars or less.

Some lightsaber replicas are officially licensed by Star Wars, while others aren’t. Ultimately it’s about choosing one that works for you and fits into your budget. You can either purchase a lightsaber replica as a collectible, ornament or as a toy – it’s up to you!

If you’re interested in more Star Wars memorabilia or gadgets, check out our list of best Star Wars gadgets.

The Best Light Saber Replicas to Buy in Australia

Putting together this list of the best lightsaber replicas in Australia took a lot of research. There are many many bad quality replicas on the market that claim to be of a certain standard only to let down the customer when it arrives.

We spent countless hours looking through dozens of retailers and over 50 different lightsaber replicas to ensure that the 8 on this list are high-quality and worth their price. We did this by identifying relevant products, shortlisting the best ones, then comparing, assessing, and reading customer reviews.

This has ensured that the 8 lightsaber replicas on this list are the best in Australia.

1. CVCBSER Flash Smooth Swing FX Dueling Lightsaber

CVCBSER Flash Smooth Swing FX Dueling Lightsabre
28 Reviews
CVCBSER Flash Smooth Swing FX Dueling Lightsabre
  • ✔【Multi Color and Sound】12 different colors for sword fighting, 5...
  • ✔【Safety System】3000mAh 3.7V 18650 safety Lithium ion battery,12W...
  • ✔【Lightsaber Size and Material】lightsaber size 44*1.2*1.2...
  • ✔【Usage Scenarios】Premium Fashionable Lightsaber for Parties, Outdoor...

The CVCBSER Flash Smooth Swing FX Dueling Lightsabre is the number one pick for the best lightsaber replica due to its overall quality, movie accuracy, and value for money!

It’s sturdy and made with great quality craftsmanship and materials which is why it’s dubbed as the “Premium Fashionable Lightsaber” for all scenarios, whether indoors or outdoors.

It has 12 different colours to play with and not only does it have 5 kinds of music for added atmosphere, but it also has a separate feature of 9 types of sound effects — giving you the ultimate Star Wars sword-fighting experience!

What makes this replica great, above all things, is its safety system feature. It’s packed with a battery protection system, an anti-overcharge system, and an over-discharge system. To top it off,  the handle is Premium Aluminium Alloy.

Things you should know: 

  • It requires 1 Lithium-ion battery that’s already included in the package, along with its power supply cord for charging.
  • It’s best for ages 8 and up
  • You can connect two lightsabers together through the bottom part of each sword.

2. KYBERS Standard Series Shien

KYBERS Standard Series Shien
1 Reviews
KYBERS Standard Series Shien
  • RGB version has 11 colors to choose from and switch on the go. Led Light:...
  • The blade is made of high-impact PC. And it is removeable and...
  • FX Saber Sound: Kybers Standard series sabers have 5 sound fonts and mute...
  • FOC: Flash on Clash. Sound and light effect feedback when dueling and when...

The KYBERS Standard Series Shien only has 11 colours to choose from, unlike the CVCBSER. But, with this lightsaber replica, the brightness is adjustable to three levels and it has 6 light efficiency modes.

It has a dramatic and authentic lightsaber feel when powering up, as it lights up with the trademark buzzing sound effect. All of its light adjustment and switching features are controlled by one button, with each change corresponding to how long you press the button down.

For example, pressing the button down for 3 seconds will direct the lightsaber to change colour. To activate the Flash on Crash effect (FOC), users will need to hold the button down for 2 seconds.

Things you should know: 

  • It comes with three volume settings (high, medium, low) and a mute feature
  • It can also be merged with another lightsaber to have a Double Blade Saber similar to Darth Maul’s weapon.

3. STAR WARS: Return of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber
948 Reviews
Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber
  • Movie-accurate appearance and classic lights and sounds
  • Design inspired by Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  • Customizable with other BladeBuilders (sold separately)
  • Ages 5 and up

If you’re thinking of starting your kids young, the Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber is the best lightsaber to buy, as it’s good for children ages 5-years-old and above. Its appearance is also movie-accurate (inspired by Star Wars: Return of the Jedi), including the lights and sound effects.

Things you should know: 

  • It may not glow as bright as other lightsabers under the daylight
  • It may not excite adult Star Wars fans but it’ll sure be a great toy for the young Jedis

4. Star Wars Light Sabers for Adults Kid

No products found.

The is for the slightly older padawans that appreciate the thought put into the duels. It has a smooth and high-quality metal aluminium handle—like the real lightsaber!

It makes the best Star Wars lightsaber replica for adult kids because of its different light modes and multi-mode effects. There’s the flame mode, breathing mode, heartbeat, flashing, and sword-strobe mode. There’s also the full brightness mode and, of course, the adjustment to high, middle, and low.

Things you should know: 

  • It features 11 colours as well
  • There’s a variety of sound effects including sword sound effects, waving sound effects, and knocking sound effects.
  • It also vibrates alongside the sounds
  • It’s chargeable and comes with a USB cable for the power supply.
  • The blade is detachable

5. YDD Kylo Ren Replica Lightsaber (RED & GREEN)

YDD Kylo Ren Replica Lightsaber
54 Reviews
YDD Kylo Ren Replica Lightsaber
  • SUPPORT HEAVY REAL DUELING - This light blade is made of high-impact PC,...
  • METAL HILT - High quality metal hilt is smooth and neat like a real saber...
  • BRIGHT LIGHT-The light saber has flash on clash, bright realistic light and...
  • RECHARGEABLE - USB charging. Built in a rechargeable battery into the hilt....

The YDD Kylo Ren Replica Lightsaber, on the other hand, is for the professionals… or just for adults who are very passionate about their lightsaber duels. It’s all because this replica supports heavy real duelling.

It makes for the best Star Wars lightsaber alternative because of its high-quality metal hilt. It is as smooth and as neat as the real lightsaber, making your Duel of the Fate reenactment greatly realistic.

Things you should know: 

  • It’s chargeable and takes 4 hours to get fully juiced.
  • It also has the Flash on Crash (FOC) effect.
  • The PC PolyCarbonate blade is removable
  • The blade is only available in red, blue and green.

6. STAR WARS The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber

STAR WARS The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber
1,139 Reviews
STAR WARS The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber
  • PREMIUM DETAILING FOR AUTHENTICITY: the durable real metal hilt features...
  • FILM-INSPIRED LIGHT EFFECTS: glowing, bright red blade ignites with...
  • FILM-AUTHENTIC SOUND EFFECTS: features four authentic lightsaber sound...
  • INCLUDES DISPLAY STAND: proudly display this Count Dooku Force FX...

What is the best lightsaber replica, you ask? Well, it may just be the STAR WARS The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber.

Why? Well, for one, the features and design of this lightsaber are premium-detailed based on Count Dooku’s iconic Lightsaber from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. So, if you’re a fan of Count Dooku, then this lightsaber replica might just be the fix that you are looking for.

Everything—from light effects to sound effects—are authentically from the movie. Enjoy the motion sensor-controlled sound effects, including the classic Lightsaber idle hum and other battle clash effects.

It has a durable real metal hilt as well, which can activate the realistic power-down blade effect.

Things you should know: 

  • It comes with a stand which means it can be a great collector’s item or a themed display for your visitors to enjoy.
  • You can get this and another Star Wars The Black Series (sold separately) to complete an epic collection of premium roleplay items.
  • It’s battery-powered and requires 1.5V AA batteries which are not included in the package.

7. Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber
5 Reviews
Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber
  • Exclusive Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber Hilt
  • Features red lights and sound effects when used with a Galaxy's Edge...
  • Hilt and case only. Lightsaber blade sold separately.
  • Each lightsaber comes in its original storage case

If you’re a big fan and a collector of the Star Wars franchise then the Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber may be the better lightsaber for you.

All are exclusive lightsaber hilts like the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Luke Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber Hilt. And there are a lot of options to choose from, such as the Darth Maul, Mace Windu, or the Obi-Wan; again, all are exclusive items. Now-owners of these items have testified that they are indeed from Galaxy Edge and not a “bootleg.”

Each lightsaber hilt will emanate the colour and sound effect with respect to what you see in the movies. For example, the Luke Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber Hilt can only produce the green light while the Mace Windu Legacy Hilt will give you the purple light and sound effects.

Things you should know: 

  • It comes with a pretty neat case but the blade is not included—it’s sold separately.
  • Recommended for ages 8-years-old and up.
  • Currently, the blades available are only 23” and 31” long
  • It requires 3 AAA batteries.
  • Battery replacement instruction is included in the package

8. Star Wars A New Hope Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars A New Hope Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber
287 Reviews
Star Wars A New Hope Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber
  • NOTE: This version comes in simple brown packaging
  • Movie-like appearance
  • Create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe
  • Simulates classic lights and sounds

The has a move-like appearance that will help you channel the dark side.

It’s a highly accurate replica of Darth Vader’s lightsaber from A New Hope. The colour, dimensions, and even the finish are closely followed to give you a realistic model of the real thing.

It’s not up to the standards of some of the other lightsaber replicas in this list, but if you need something for a costume or to put in your man cave, this is more than good enough.

Things you should know: 

  • Good value for money
  • Doesn’t fully retract

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