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How Much Do Pedestal Fans Cost to Run

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Amid this hot Australian summer, it can be difficult to decide how to best cool down. Air-conditioning is one option, but it can be expensive to run – especially if you have more than one room in your house that needs cooling.

A cheaper and more energy-efficient option is a pedestal fan. A pedestal fan is an oscillating electric fan that can be used to circulate the air in a given space and provide you with a blast of wind to cool you off. Now, you may be wondering how much pedestal fans cost to run. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog article, we’ll look at how much a pedestal fan’s running cost is and how to figure it out. We’ll also go through how pedestal fans work, as well as how much energy they consume and how to calculate it.

3 Simple Steps in Calculating the Running Cost of Pedestal Fans

Step 1: Calculate the Wattage

Step 2: Convert to Kilowatts Hours

Step 3: Determine the Running Costs

In this scorching summer heat, you might be wondering what fans to use and how to position fans to cool a room. You may use a pedestal fan for this purpose. You can simply place it outside your room’s entrance facing in the desired direction to effectively cool it. But how does a pedestal fan work?

A pedestal fan is an electric fan that is built to move a large amount of air in a given space. The stand of a pedestal fan can be detached and adjusted, allowing you to direct the breeze at different levels. The majority of pedestal fans have three-speed settings (high, medium, and low), and some come with a timer. But how much does it cost to run?

The cost of running a pedestal fan depends on the wattage of the fan, the number of hours it is used, and your electricity rate. Here are on steps on how to calculate it:

Step 1: Calculate the Wattage

The wattage of your pedestal fan is the first thing you need to find out or calculate. This can be done in the following ways:

  • You can find the wattage of your fan by looking for the product specifications on its back or bottom, where it will be labeled. For example, if your pedestal fan has a label that says “120V-60Hz-55W,” that means that it uses 55 watts of power.
  • If your fan is a branded one, you can find its wattage online.
  • If either of the above ways doesn’t work, you can buy a watt-meter and measure the wattage yourself.
  • You may also contact the manufacturer of your pedestal fan and obtain the wattage.

Step 2: Convert to Kilowatts Hours

The next step is, you need to convert the wattage to kilowatts hours (kWh). A kilowatt-hour, or kWh, is a unit of energy measurement that is often used to calculate electricity use. The kWh rating is important because it tells you how much electricity the fan will use over a period of time.

To convert wattage to kWh, first, divide the wattage value by 1000 to get kilowatts (KW), then multiply the result by the hours of usage. For instance, if a 55-watt pedestal fan runs for 10 hours and uses 0.055 KW of power (after dividing 55/1000), it will consume 0.55 kWh in total (after multiplying 0.055 X 10).

Step 3: Determine the Running Cost

You may simply work out the running cost of your pedestal fan by multiplying its kWh (Kilowatt hour) value by the average per-unit cost of power in your state or country.

For instance, the average cost per unit of electricity in Australia is 27 cents per kWh. So, if you wanted to operate a 55-watt pedestal fan in Australia for 10 hours, its running cost for the day would be 14.85 cents (after multiplying 0.55 kWh with 27 cents), and its hourly running cost would be 1.485 cents (after dividing 14.85 cents by 10 hours).

Power Consumption of Pedestal Fans

The wattage and speed settings of your pedestal fan will determine its power usage.

On a high speed, a pedestal fan consumes 70 watts of power and 55 watts of power on a medium speed. It uses approximately 35 watts of electricity in a low-speed setting.

How to Determine the Power Consumption

You may calculate your pedestal fan’s power consumption each day. To figure this out, simply multiply the wattage by the number of hours used per day.

Assume you have a 55 watts (0.055 KW) pedestal fan that runs for 8 hours each day, and its daily power consumption is 0.44 KW (after multiplying 0.055 X 8).

In the same way, you can find out the monthly and yearly power consumption of your pedestal fan.

The Running Cost of Pedestal Fans Based on Speed Settings

The running cost of your pedestal fan will depend on the following three factors. 

  • Wattage: The greater the wattage of your pedestal fan, the more power it will use and the more expensive it will be to run.
  • Speed Setting: The lower the speed on your pedestal fan, the lower its power consumption and running cost. A high-speed pedestal fan consumes more energy than a low-speed one. However, the difference in electricity consumption isn’t significant enough to influence your bill.
  • Per Unit Cost of Electricity: Different countries or states have different per-unit costs of electricity. The higher the per-unit cost, the more expensive it will be to run your pedestal fan.

Assume you want a pedestal fan to run for 5 hours each day of each month for a year. Let’s also suppose that the power cost is 27 cents per kilowatt-hour. Here are the running expenses of a pedestal fan based on different settings when those assumptions are made:

A pedestal fan operating at its maximum speed will cost you 1.89 cents hourly and $34.02 every year, according to the above. If you use your pedestal fan on its lowest setting, it will cost you 0.63 cents hourly and $11.34 per year.

Pedestal fans are so energy-efficient that you may sleep well at night knowing they will not cause a power outage or incur significant operating costs. Click here to discover some of the best pedestal fans on the market.


Now that you know how much it costs to run a pedestal fan, you can decide whether or not it is the best option for cooling your home or office this summer. If you are looking for an energy-efficient way to cool your home or office this summer, a pedestal fan is a great option. Not only are they relatively inexpensive to purchase, but they also cost very little to run.

We hope this article has helped you understand how much it costs to run a pedestal fan. Thanks for reading!


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