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How to Position Fans to Cool a Room: A Guide to Survive the Hot Summer

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It’s hot outside. Too hot. And unfortunately, the forecast shows that this scorching summer weather is only going to get worse. In this sweltering season, many of us will attempt a variety of techniques to keep our rooms cool. Because letโ€™s be real, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have air conditioning in your bedroom.

But there are a variety of different ways to keep your room cool without using air conditioning. Did you know, that if certain fans are positioned correctly, they may keep your bedroom cool enough to survive the hot summer? Now, you might be wondering how to position fans to cool a room.

In this article, we will discuss how to position fans so that they can help cool your room and make it more comfortable for you to sleep in throughout this summer.

So, read on to stay cool!

Can Fans Cool a Room?

When the temperatures outside increase, the hot air enters your home through doors and windows. This hot air then rises to the ceiling where it becomes trapped.

If your fan is properly positioned, the air it creates should be able to drive trapped hot air downwards and out of the room. As a result air circulation inside your room will be increased and you’ll experience a nice cool breeze. 

6 Easy Steps in Positioning a Fan to Cool a Room

Step 1: Choose the right fan

Step 2: Position Your Fan in the Right Spot

Step 3: Find the Perfect Angle

Step 4: Clear all Obstacles 

Step 5: Use More Fans if Required

Step 6: Keep Your Fan Clean

Now that you know how fans can help to make a room feel cooler, it’s time to learn how to position them properly. Follow these 6 easy steps and you’ll be on your way to a cool and comfortable room in no time!

Step 1: Choose the Right Fan

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re using the right type of fan. For example, if you want to cool a small room, it’s best to use a small table fan.

On the other hand, if you want to cool a larger room, it’s best to use a pedestal fan. You might be wondering how much pedestal fans cost to run in larger rooms, given that they’re designed for them.

The good news is that they are not too expensive to run. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient option, we recommend checking out some of the best pedestal fans. Click here to check them out!

Step 2: Position Your Fan in the Right Spot

The next step is to locate the ideal spot for your fan and position it there. Let’s look at a few ways to cool your room this summer by utilizing various sorts of fans:

Positioning a Table Fan

Some of those ways to position a table fan to get the best results are as follows:

  • Placing a table fan on your desk or floor: Placing your table fan on the desk or floor at an angle that is perfect for swaying the cold air up to your body. 
  • Placing a table fan in front of the window: If there’s a lot of cold air outside, you may use your table fan to move the cool air from outdoors into your room by placing it in front of the window with its back toward the opened window.
  • Placing a table fan in the doorway: Place the table fan in a straight line from your windows to your door, to push out heated air while pulling in cool air from outside.

Note that, this placement is best when it’s hot inside but cold outside.

Positioning a Pedestal Fan

You’ve undoubtedly heard of pedestal fans before, but how does a pedestal fan work, and how do position them to cool larger areas than ordinary fans?

A pedestal fan is a floor-based fan with a long, movable, and detachable stand that extends up. These fans are perfect for cooling larger spaces since they create more air than smaller models.

If you have a large room, then it’s important that your room has a pedestal fan outside the door and faces the direction of where you want those breezes coming from. This may provide a substantial amount of cool air to your room this summer.

Positioning a Window Fan

By ensuring the fast movement of cool air inside, window fans are designed to get rid of hot air faster than other fans. These fans are simple to set up. Simply make sure the fan has easy access to the outside air for optimal performance in cooling your room.

Positioning a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are the most popular type of fan and positioning them in your room to cool it is quite simple. You can simply install a ceiling fan in the middle of your ceiling if you have a reasonably square space. In contrast, if you have a big rectangular space, you may simply split it into two halves and set two ceiling fans in the middle of each half for optimum cooling.

Positioning a Wall Fan

If you want to keep your room cool and comfortable, then position a wall-mounted fan opposite the window. That way, the air can flow freely between the interior and outside of an enclosed space. Ultimately, cooling your room.

Step 3: Determine the Perfect Angle

Another important factor to consider is how to angle your fan (excluding ceiling and window fans). If you point it directly at yourself, you’ll feel a strong blast of air but it might not be very refreshing.

On the other hand, if you tilt it upward slightly, the airflow will be less powerful but it will circulate better throughout the room. However, the best way to find the perfect angle is to experiment until you find a setting that’s comfortable for you.

Step 4: Clear all Obstacles

For your fan to efficiently cool your room, it’s important to make sure there are no obstacles in front of it. This includes items like clothes, curtains, excessive furniture, and anything else that might block the airflow.

Step 5: Use More Fans If Required

If you’re still struggling to cool your room, then you may need to use more than one fan. In this case, you can either use multiple fans of the same type or a combination of different types of fans.

Step 6: Keep Your Fan Clean

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your fan clean! Dust and dirt can build up over time and make your fan less effective. To clean your fan, simply use a soft cloth or brush to remove any dust or dirt from the blades.


You must first understand how to position your fans for them to effectively cool your room. Whether you have a cheap or high-end fan, it won’t be able to do the job unless you know how to properly position it. Once you have your fan in the right position, be sure to keep it clean and free of any obstacles.

Now that you know how to position fans to cool a room, you’ll be able to stay comfortable all summer long. We hope you find our article useful in this summer’s heat. Thanks for reading!


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