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How to Use Electric Lawn Mower: A Complete Guide

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Lawnmowers have proven to be effective gadgets when it comes to trimming or clipping the grass of your average lawn. These machines greatly reduce human efforts and ensure uniformity in trimming.

There had been many iterations of the lawnmowers over the years. Some run-on oil while some run-on gas. But from the environmental sustainability perspective, the most significant upgrade in the lawnmower industry was the introduction of electric mowers.

Lighter and smaller in size than their traditional counterparts, these eco-friendly lawnmowers have made grass cutting easier and more efficient than ever. But how do you use an electric lawn mower safely and efficiently? In this blog, we will answer these questions and provide you with adequate information so that you can trim your lawns better than ever. So, stay tuned!

Electric Lawn Mower: How It Works

An Electric Lawn Mower is a garden tool that uses electricity directly from electrical outlets or uses lithium-ion batteries to run its blades to clip or trim grasses evenly. It is a common choice for people who want precise grass cutting and intend to avoid using gas or oil to power their lawnmowers.

These lawnmowers are generally quieter than oil or gas-powered mowers and they produce zero emissions. Hence, electric mowers are the greenest mowers out there.

If you’re currently interested in buying an electric lawn mower then give our buying guide a read.

Types of Electric Lawn Mowers

The electric lawn mowers can be divided into corded lawnmower and cordless lawn mower models. Corded models need to be plugged into an outlet, while cordless models run on batteries.

Let’s compare the above-mentioned types for deeper insights and to find out how to use each type.

Corded Electric Lawn Mower

These plug-and-go lawnmowers are the best for smaller yards up to 8000 square feet. They come with a cord that can be plugged into an electrical outlet, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power and waiting around while your mower recharges!

However, it also limits how far from an outlet they’ll work best because there’s always some restriction on where electricity is available. So, it’s important to stay close to a source of electricity if you want your grass-cutting session to go smoothly.

A Corded mower is lightweight and easier for pushing because it doesn’t have the weight associated with gas tanks or batteries, which can make things harder on those who have just begun their yard workday!

Some people would choose a Corded lawnmower rather than its cordless counterpart since it provides consistent power and doesn’t lose strength while in use. Also, you can save money if you choose it as it costs much lesser in terms of both initial and operational costs.

Note that, the cord is a dangerous thing to lie around. It can damage your blades and motor as well as slice through the tough material on contact, which would result in an accident waiting to happen!

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The battery-operated lawn mower is the best choice for medium-size yards of about ¼ yards or 10890 square feet. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to worry about running over your extension cord because this type of tool doesn’t require one!

Although no electrical outlet is required to run the machine, cordless lawn mowers are heavier than their corded counterparts due to the added weight of the battery. And the operational cost of a Cordless Lawn Mower is much higher in comparison to a Corded Lawn Mower.

But the advantages of battery-powered lawn mowers outweigh their drawbacks. One advantage is that unlike their corded counterparts these lawnmowers have high mobility and long range due to the absence of the cord. So, you can mow wherever the grass needs trimming without worrying about proximity to the power source.

Another one is that these lawnmowers come in varieties in terms of operating techniques. These varieties can even be self-propelled or robotic which can make your work much easier if you intend to rely on automated technology.

Note that, when you’re running low on power, the blades will no longer run as sharp and may damage both the mower and other objects in their path. To avoid this problem, turn off your mower and charge it immediately!

How To Use A Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Corded electric lawn mowers are a greener alternative to all other models. They’re one of the least polluting ways you can cut your grass, and they don’t produce any pollution during operation which means zero greenhouse gases are released into our atmosphere! Even though electric lawn mowers have some problems, such as overheating, which is not a major problem if you know how to manage it, their usage has grown in popularity.

How to use an electric lawn mower
How to use a corded electric lawn mower

Here are some simple and easy instructions on how to use your corded lawnmower:

Step 1: Plug In the Power Cord

Plug the cord into an outlet close enough to your intended working zone. You can use an extra-long, heavy-duty extension cable in case you want more power and length to work longer distances.

Step 2: Take Necessary Safety Precautions

To avoid accidents, make sure the grass is completely dry before cutting. It’s powered by electricity. So, if it’s raining or snowing, wait until everything has had a chance to calm down!

Also, wheel out your electric mower so that you are not cutting against any cords.

Step 3: Adjust the Blade Height

Check your lawnmower’s blade height to make sure it will be cutting the grass you want.

Step 4: Start Your Lawn Mower

Start your lawnmower with just one flick of the switch.

Step 5: Mow Your Lawn

Start at the point closest to the outlet, then slowly walk away from it while pushing on one side of the handle until fully extended before turning 180 degrees back towards yourself again for best results!

Every time you make a turn, don’t forget to flip the cord to the opposite side of the discharge chute. This will stop any sharp object from the chute from hitting the power cord.

When you are mowing, be sure to move across slopes rather than up and down. This will help avoid slipping or having your machine slide backward.

How To Use A Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Looking to spruce up your yard without breaking a sweat? A cordless lawn mower may be the answer.

These mowers are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and eco-friendly features. Plus, they’re relatively straightforward to use.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

Step 1: Understand How Your Lawn Mower Works

The first thing about your cordless electric lawnmowers is that you must know and understand your machine. It has a lot of features and specifications that you might have to know if you intend to use it properly. And you can easily understand the machine by reading its user manual or by simply knowing how electric lawn mowers work.

Step 2: Start Your Lawn Mower

Assemble your lawnmower as per the user manual. The lawnmower is battery-powered, so make sure it’s fully charged before you use it.

After you’ve made sure of that, switch on the lawnmower with a simple push of the power button.

Step 3: Mow with Your Lawn Mower

Find the control lever and move it counterclockwise. Pull the lever towards the mower’s handle and release. Repeat the process if you continue mowing.


Now that you know the difference between corded and cordless electric lawnmowers, as well as how to use each type, it’s time for you to decide which one is right for your needs. Consider your yard size, the thickness of the grass, and how often you plan on using the mower when making your decision.

No matter whether it’s corded or cordless, the key to getting the most from your electric lawn mower is proper maintenance and care. Your manufacturer will provide guidelines for maintaining it, but if you want an extra layer in case anything goes wrong, do check out their manual!

Hope we have provided you with enough information to get started with your new electric mower. Thanks for reading!


1. Are Electric Lawn Mowers Waterproof?

No, electric mowers are not waterproof. Although the mower’s outer shell or battery casing in the case of cordless ones protects the wring or battery from getting wet, water can still get inside under conditions such as rain.

2. How to Change Blade on Electric Lawn Mower?

You can change the blades in your electric lawnmower by following these few simple steps:

  • Unplug the mower
  • Loosen the blade by removing the bolts with a wrench (counterclockwise), remember, the blades are located at the cutting deck or chassis of the mower.
  • Place the new blade into the spacers by putting the pegs in the appropriate holes.
  • Put the bolt through the center hole.
  • Turn the bolts clockwise to lock the blade.

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