Meet, The Raine One – Australia’s Smartest Electric Scooter?

A perfect blend of function and form. Could 'The Raine One' be Australia's smartest electric scooter? 🛴🤩
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Today, only a few hours need to be spent in Australia’s vibrant cities before an electric scooter whizzes past as you sip on your dollar coffee from 7-Eleven. As the newest tech trend to hit our streets, the exponential growth in popularity that E-Scooters have experienced is unreal. Some are race-worthy, others have range, but we had yet to stumble across an electric scooter which ticked all the boxes.

That was until we met up with the team at Raine.

With an official campaign on Kickstarter launched just yesterday (November 11th, 2019), the Raine One Electric Scooter shows huge promise of becoming Australia’s smartest mode of personalised transport. The public seem to think so too with over $92,000 pledged within the first few hours across 68 backers!

Earlier this week, we were fortunate to catch up with Raine to talk all about their latest product.

Raine One Team With Electric Scooter

Who Are Raine?

Founded 2017 by James Murphy, who may previously be on your radar as the pioneer of the BajaBoard off-road electric skateboard, Raine began like most great startup stories; from a garage in Melbourne. According to James, he could not find an electric scooter on the market that had the speed, power, range, and design that he believed every smart e-scooter should have. So, what did he do? Well, like any innovative engineer, he created his own instead!

When speaking with James at Raine’s headquarters in Fitzroy, Melbourne, his passion and background in engineering was infectious. In an official quote to Mr Gadget, James states:

We want to transform personal transport and make commuting fun and enjoyable for everyone. We’re at this really exciting tipping point with sustainable transport where we can take our product to the world and share it with millions of people. My starting point, believe it or not, was the ground. How you want to interact with the surface you ride on is a crucial component when designing any form of transport. Then, we just build up the product from there ~ James Murphy

It was obvious that James knew from the beginning of this journey that he could create an electric scooter which had it all. But he couldn’t do it alone.

Later joining forces with Marc Alexander (CTO and co-founder of LIFX), and Michelle Mannering; a renowned technology content producer, this impressive trio have spent the last 2 years developing an electric scooter that would meet the demands of their market. From 12 months perfecting a unique X-fold system to countless design and functionality iterations, the Raine One Electric Scooter is finally ready to be unleashed on the streets of Australia.

Raine One Electric Scooter

Meet, The Raine One Electric Scooter

The Raine One is true definition of class, durability, comfort, and portability. Catered specifically for people who are looking for a fun and reliable scooter that does not compromise on power on specifications, the Raine One Electric Scooter has serious potential. Every component of the scooter is made of high-quality materials and we expected nothing less after the success of the BajaBoard. For instance, the frame is made out of robust but lightweight compact carbon fibre and aluminium materials. This makes the scooter both durable whilst easy to carry and store.

Other Key Features Include:

  • Weighs Just 12Kgs.
  • Customisable LED Lights.
  • Quality ABS Braking.
  • Poly-Shock Suspension.
  • In-Built Locking System.
  • App-Connected GPS.

Combine this with a top speed of 50km per hour and maximum range of 40km (which outperforms the majority of other E-Scooters on the market) and you have yourself an outstanding blend of function and form. For a complete rundown of features, head on over to the official website.

How To Buy A Raine One Scooter?

Keen to infiltrate the competitive electric scooter market the team at Raine launched a Kickstarter campaign on November 11th 2019. As part of this official launch, Raine have also announced a 30% discount for early-bird newsletter subscribers. You can check out all the details of the Kickstarter campaign and official launch on the Raine Scooters website below:

Official Website: Raine Scooters

Having launched numerous successful products through Kickstarter previously, the Raine founders are no strangers to the crowdfunding platform and are fully aware of its benefits. Most importantly, a Kickstarter campaign will allow the team to get valuable feedback from their target customers. They will then use this information to make necessary changes to the Raine One’s final design – ensuring this is an electric scooter that truly meets the needs of commuters.

Electric Scooter Benefits - Woman Riding E-Scooter

Benefits Of Electric Scooters

As you may know by now, we’re strong advocates of recycling old technology and environmental conservation. The more we can use technology for the good of the world; the better. Heralded for large scale benefits to the environment, electric scooters have serious potential to reduce greenhouse gasses. But for those of you still considering whether to purchase a scooter, take a look at some other superb benefits below.

1. You can save thousands.

This is a fairly obvious benefit, however, electric scooters are cheaper to operate than cars and also public transport overtime. So perhaps you don’t want to get soaking wet on your way to work in winter. But what about them glorious summer months. Hop on an electric scooter and be a part of your surrounding environment. Whilst not a cheap gadget in itself, the compounded savings are real.

2. You can save time commuting.

Similarly to cycling or riding a motorbike, the physical size of electric scooters allows you to save time. See a traffic jam, take a backstreet that cars won’t travel down. Can’t be bothered to follow the road? Take the cycle path that cuts straight through the city. Either way, if you don’t live too far from your place of work, electric scooters can save you a lot of time.

3. You actually keep fit whilst using a scooter.

Although more energy is consumed using a bicycle, your body is still active on an electric scooter. Balancing is a great form of low intensity exercise and overtime delivers huge health benefits. As you travel on your e-scooter, your body will work hard to keep you upright. Almost every muscle is used at some stage and don’t forget that intake of fresh air instead of smelly trams too!

4. You will have a change in perspective.

Today, we’re suckers for walking with our head down and driving with a single intent of the destination. By using an electric scooter, your perspective of your city complete changes. The thrill of riding a scooter will also encourage you to take routes you normally wouldn’t use. Maybe it’s time to fall in love with your city again and not curse at the traffic every Monday morning?

5. You will feel less stressed

Being outdoors is one of the best relievers of stress. The wind through your hair and the fresh intake of oxygen will help with that too. When using an electric scooter, you can’t avoid a rye smile on your face either. Although e-scooters aren’t the cure for today’s busy lifestyle, they will certainly increase your happiness levels. Not to mention you’ll meet other likeminded people along the way.


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