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Tips for Maintaining Laser Levels

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As with all tools, laser levels require proper care and routine maintenance for them to work correctly. A well-maintained laser level will provide you with accurate results every time. As such, you won’t experience any problems when tackling projects that require precision.

Moreover, these devices are made up of delicate components that can easily get damaged. One thing about laser levels is that any slight damage to the system can cause major deviations during alignment. That said, you should take good care of your laser level during usage and when the unit is in storage.

This article highlights important tips that can help keep your laser level accurate and in good working condition. You can have a quick look at our list of the best laser levels in Australia.

How to Maintain and Care for a Laser Level

In as much as laser levels are fitted with tough outer casings that are designed to last, you still need to care for these devices. Improper handling of a laser level will not only lower its level of accuracy, but can also damage the unit completely.

The good news is that laser levels are easy to maintain since their structure consists of a few components. However, bear in mind that not all laser levels are built the same. They differ when it comes to design, so ensure that you go through the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer to give your laser level the best care.

Below are the tips that can guide you on how best you can maintain and care for a laser level:

Regularly check the laser level for calibration

Laser levels can become less accurate over time due to a number of reasons. It is therefore advisable that you check the unit for calibration. Experts recommend that you do this at least once after every 5 to 6 months. However, you can calibrate your laser level whenever you feel like it’s not accurate.

There are several methods that can help you check if your laser level is accurate, so it will depend on the model that you are using. The easiest way to go about this is by checking if the X and Y-axis of the laser level correspond with another laser level. Nonetheless, you must be sure that the laser level used for reference is accurate.

Proper storage 

When you are done using your laser level, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place. That way, the battery and other components will be less likely to get damaged. Exposing the laser level to extreme temperature conditions will not only lower its accuracy, but also shortens the lifespan of the unit. You can always refer to the product manual for storage instructions.

In addition to this, ensure that you store the laser level in a hard case/toolbox during transit. It is recommended that you go for compartmentalised storage cases to prevent the laser from being knocked around.

Check the batteries

Check and replace the batteries from time to time to keep the laser level in good working condition. If you are using a rechargeable model, you should avoid leaving the unit plugged in for several hours, as this can damage the battery.

Also, ensure that you remove the battery if you know you’ll be storing the laser level for an extended duration. This applies when the device stays inactive for more than three months. If you notice that the battery is overheating during the charging process, you should consider unplugging it. Give it 20-30 minutes to cool and then plug it back in. Non-rechargeable batteries should be disposed of immediately after they deteriorate.

Regular cleaning

Laser levels are often used in dusty environments. With that being said, you need to clean your laser level if the outer casing gets dusty. Although these tools are tightly sealed to prevent the ingress of dust, excessive accumulation of dust around the glass housing the laser emitter can impact the transmission of beams.

It is recommended that you use a damp cloth when cleaning your laser level. Try as much as you can to keep the unit dry throughout the cleaning process. When cleaning your laser level, you should avoid using strong solvents.

Handle your laser level with care

You should be careful not to drop your laser level when you are working since this can damage the internal components. Once you are done aligning the materials that you are working with, gently place the laser level in its storage case as discussed earlier.

To add to this, you should never disassemble a laser level if you lack the technical know-how. If you are planning on using a tripod, you should pick one that is sturdily built. Also, the base should be wide to prevent the unit from toppling over.

Lock the pendulum

If you are using a self-levelling laser level, ensure that you engage the pendulum lock when moving the tool. The lock will keep the pendulum from shifting positions when the laser level is in transit, thus protecting it from getting damaged. Laser levels with this component feature easy-to-use buttons that will allow you to lock the pendulum with ease.


Proper maintenance of a laser level will help you get precise results every time. Additionally, always handle your laser level with care during and after usage. You should consider storing the device in a compartmentalised case to ensure that it stays in place during transit. If your laser level has lost its accuracy, you need to calibrate it. Most laser levels come with calibration instructions that can guide you through the process. Lastly, don’t forget to remove the batteries when storing your laser level for a long period.

To avoid some of the problems highlighted above, you need to learn how to use a laser level the right way. This not only simplifies your work when levelling items, but will also make the laser level last longer, thereby saving you the hassle of replacing the unit now and then.


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