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Where to Position Outdoor Security Lights for Best Coverage

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As the sun sets and the night falls, it’s essential to have all your outdoor security lights in the right spots. According to Budget Direct, approximately 240,000 homes in Australia were broken into in 2021.

Having reliable outdoor security lights can help prevent possible burglaries because you will have an easy time spotting intruders. To get the best from your outdoor security lights, ensure that you position each light strategically in all the areas that you intend to cover.

When it comes to the placement of security lights, the goal is to eliminate the shadows using the least number of lights. Besides, outdoor security lights are not only designed to deter burglars. They can illuminate your passageways, thereby preventing accidents and injuries.

As a homeowner, you should bear in mind that having the best outdoor security lights won’t count if the lights are not properly positioned. Plus, having a few security lights that are strategically placed is better than having multiple units that don’t really serve their purpose.

With the help of this article, you will learn how you can position your outdoor security lights for best coverage.

Tips for Positioning Outdoor Security Lights

Outdoor security lights come in different designs and also vary in terms of performance. However, they are designed for one purpose—to illuminate. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the way you position your lights matters a lot and will determine everything at the end of the day.

Poorly placed security lights are a waste of space and energy, so you should see to it that all your lights add value to your home’s security system.

Identify the blind spots

Before you buy the lights, you need to identify the spots that you intend to illuminate. This is crucial because some lights perform better than others when placed at certain points. Additionally, you should consider the size of the available space because some outdoor security lights come with large mounting hardware.

Position the lights facing downward

It is advisable that you place all your outdoor security lights such that the area below is properly lit. This will prevent the formation of shadows in the spots that need lighting.

The lights should also be placed high up to increase the area of coverage. You can place the lights about 5-6 metres from the ground. This will also protect the lights from getting damaged by animals and burglars.

If you are using outdoor security lights with motion detection, ensure that you set each unit within the recommended detection range.

Consider the vulnerable areas

The most vulnerable areas of your home should be given top priority when installing outdoor security lights. That said, ensure that the lights illuminate every section that is out of sight, since they can act as a loophole for potential burglars.

Ensure the lights are properly spaced

If you intend to use a series of outdoor security lights, you should apply the correct spacing. The spacing may vary depending on the brightness level of each light and the area that you want to illuminate.

As such, some spots may require closely spaced lighting systems, while others can be well-illuminated by widely spaced lights

Where to Install Outdoor Security Lights for Better Coverage

Now that you know how to position your outdoor security lights, let’s look at some of the common areas that require lighting in most homes:


Placing outdoor security lights near the entry points of your home is one of the best things that you can do for your loved ones. This mostly applies to level windows, doors, and the main entrance to your home.

In some robbery cases, homeowners are often attacked when they are just about to get into their homes. With well-placed outdoor security lights, you can spot thieves and apply necessary countermeasures or call for help before they attack. When paired with the best outdoor security cameras, entrance lights can be a lifesaver.

Illuminate your yard

Before a burglar gets to your doorstep, they’ll have to pass through your yard. If the yard in question has good lighting, it can deter burglars from coming into your home. You can place the lights along your fence and other open spaces around the house.


Most burglars use garage doors to gain access to homes. This can happen when you are away or asleep. To prevent break-ins, you should consider installing outdoor security lights with a high lumen rating above and on the side of your garage door.

The lights should face downward to maximise the area of coverage. You also need to consider the position of your garage door when it’s open and closed. The garage door shouldn’t block the lights when it opens, so you should find a way to properly position each lighting unit that you are using. Alternatively, you can hire an expert to help you with the installation.


Your driveway also needs proper lighting, so ensure that you invest in high-quality outdoor security lights, especially if you are used to leaving your car outside before parking it in the garage.

You can illuminate all the pathways in your home while at it to prevent injuries when walking at night.

Pool area

If you have a pool in your home, it should be properly lit, particularly at night. There are floodlights that are specially designed for illuminating pools, so you can use them around the pool area without any worries.


As you have seen, there are a number of things that you need to think about when positioning outdoor security lights. Always ensure that you light up all the dark spots and other vulnerable areas around your house.

But most importantly, you should do additional research before purchasing outdoor security lights, as this will help you choose the most ideal lighting system for your home. You should know where to install floodlights, motion sensor security lights, pack lights, etc.

Lastly, you should check the lumen rating of the outdoor lights because this determines how bright they will be.


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