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Which Brand of Stick Blenders is Best?

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Stick blenders, also known as immersion blenders, are not only versatile but also efficient. These appliances can take on a wide range of food processing tasks, making them ideal for prepping meals that may require you to blend, emulsify, or purée your ingredients.

In addition to this, stick blenders can help you whip ingredients to the desired consistency. And unlike regular blenders, immersion blenders are maneuverable and will give you full control when processing your food. Stick blenders can come in handy when working with small portions of food, and can also be used for mixing light ingredients.

If you are after value for money, you should consider purchasing a stick blender from a reputable brand. We understand that this can at times be challenging since there are so many brands out there selling these products. As such, knowing which brand of stick blenders is best is undoubtedly daunting.

However, this article can help you make an informed decision the next time you are out shopping for a stick blender. It highlights some of the best brands that are known for making high-quality stick blenders, so read through and familiarise yourself with the go-to stick blender brands in Australia. You can also have a quick look at our list of best stick blenders.

What Is A Stick Blender?

A stick blender is a handheld kitchen tool designed for emulsifying, blending, whipping, mixing, puréeing, and processing foods. Unlike a standard blender that requires you to pour your ingredients into a jar, stick blenders are immersed into the food. Hence, the name immersion blenders.

Stick blenders can effectively perform similar tasks as regular blenders. Nonetheless, they may limit you when mixing large portions of food or heavy ingredients. This is primarily because they are fitted with smaller motors compared to those on jar blenders.

If you find a high-performance blender from a reliable brand, you won’t experience any problems when tackling culinary tasks. In fact, a well-built stick blender can easily replace a worktop blender. Besides, stick blenders are both compact and lightweight. This makes them easy to work with and are therefore ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

To add to this, stick blenders feature variable speed settings that will allow you to customise the unit according to your needs. Most of these units come with attachments that will make your work easier when processing different types of ingredients.

The good thing about stick blenders is that not all of them are corded. That said, you can go for the cordless models if you don’t want to deal with pesky power cords. To make them even more convenient, stick blenders can work with different sizes of jars

Top 5 Stick Blender Brands in Australia

When buying stick blenders or any kitchen appliance, it’s always good to consider the brand. But most importantly, keep in mind that not all kitchen appliance brands are as reliable as they claim to be. If you are in search of a stick blender, below are some of the best brands that you can add to your list:

Bamix logo


Bamix is a Swiss company that is known for making high-quality kitchen appliances and also offers some of the best models of stick blenders. Bamix-made stick blenders are not only powerful, but also durable. They can help you prep ingredients that require grinding, puréeing, whipping, and mixing.

The AC motors on Bamix stick blenders are both efficient and durable, so rest assured these blenders will serve you for an extended period. Moreover, the company has been making blenders for over fifty years, making it one of the most reliable manufacturers that you can consider when buying a stick blender. Plus, most stick blenders from Bamix come with additional accessories that can assist you in different scenarios.


Launched in 1932, Breville has earned a good name when it comes to designing blenders and food processors.Breville’s stick blenders offer a range of features that will allow you to handle all culinary projects like a pro.

Stick blenders from this brand are compact, efficient, and equally easy to use. Additionally, they are fitted with ergonomic trigger grips that are designed with your comfort in mind. Like Bamix, Breville provides you with different accessories that you use for mashing, chopping, and puréeing, to mention but a few.

Smeg logo


Smeg sells premium quality stick blenders that are designed to be functional, versatile, and long-lasting. Stick blenders by Smeg are made of high-quality materials that you can fully count on. Also, most models have multiple speed settings that you can choose from when preparing your ingredients.

Immersion blenders from Smeg have anti-slip grip points that allow for easy maneuverability during usage. When it comes to durability, the blending arms are made of high-quality stainless steel to prevent rust and other forms of corrosion. The blending accessories are also very easy to attach and detach, so you can switch from one attachment to another in a matter of seconds.

Braun logo


Braun is also another good brand that you can go for when purchasing a stick blender. Units from this brand come with a rich assortment of attachments that can greatly assist when processing light ingredients. Braun’s blenders utilise ActiveBlade technology, which allows the blender head to glide downward and upward for quick and easy blending.

This feature puts Braun blenders a step ahead of most brands, since they can effectively reduce even the hardest vegetables and fruits into a smooth mixture. To top it all up, Braun stick blenders are reasonably priced.

Kenwood logo


With a Kenwood stick blender, you can whisk, chop, purée, mash, blend, and blitz with ease. A good number of blenders from Kenwood feature a triple-blade system for enhanced performance. More to this, they can effectively slice through ingredients without the motor stalling or blowing out.

Depending on your needs, you can go for a stick blender with a metal masher. Blenders with this feature will deliver great results when mashing potatoes and other soft foods.


If you are thinking of buying a stick blender, you can choose any of the brands that we have covered above. They all make high-quality appliances that offer great value for money. Ensure that you pick a stick blender that matches all your needs, as this determines the results that you will get when processing ingredients.


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