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The Ultimate Connectivity Solution: Belkin USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock Review

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As a MacBook Pro user and a tech enthusiast, I’ve always been on the lookout for devices that can enhance my digital experience. When I came across the , I was intrigued by its potential to expand my laptop’s port options. Little did I know, this device would not only meet my expectations but exceed them in ways I hadn’t imagined.

Expanding Connectivity

The Belkin USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock is more than just a dock; it’s a hub that connects my MacBook Pro to a plethora of devices. It comes equipped with an array of ports including HDMI, DP, VGA, USB-C, USB-A, Gigabit Ethernet, SD, MicroSD, and a 3.5mm port. This has significantly expanded my MacBook’s connectivity, opening up a wide range of new workflow options. Whether I’m connecting an external monitor, my camera, or direct wired internet access, this dock has got me covered.

One of the standout features for me has been the dock’s ability to easily connect and charge my Insta 360 X3 action camera. With a simple plug-in, I can offload and backup my footage without any hassle. The data transfer rate is 5 Gbps making the whole process smooth and efficient. This feature has been particularly useful for my photography and videography projects, allowing me to quickly transfer and edit my shots.

Ergonomic Design

The dock also subtly elevates my MacBook Pro, providing a slightly better working angle. This might seem like a minor detail, but it has made a noticeable difference in my comfort and productivity. Whether I’m typing an email or editing a video, the improved angle reduces strain and enhances my overall user experience. It’s a thoughtful design feature that shows Belkin’s attention to user comfort.

Belkin Connect USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock Side View

Power Delivery Function

The dock also features a 100W Power Delivery function, which has been a game-changer. It can charge my MacBook Pro while I’m using all the other ports, eliminating the need for an additional power adapter. This feature adds to the overall convenience, making the dock a true all-in-one solution. It’s been particularly useful during long work sessions when I need to keep my laptop charged while using multiple peripherals.

Display Support

One thing to note is that while the dock supports display extending on Windows, it only supports display mirroring on a MacBook. This means that if you connect two monitors to the dock, both will display the same content. However, this hasn’t been a significant issue for me, as the dock’s other features more than make up for it.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the dock is sturdy and well-constructed, reflecting Belkin’s commitment to quality. It’s a top-quality product that offers good value for the price, proving that it’s worth investing a bit more for a better product.


In conclusion, my journey with the Belkin USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Dock has been excellent. It has not only expanded my MacBook Pro’s ports but also enhanced my overall user experience. Whether I’m connecting my action camera, charging my devices, or simply adjusting my laptop for a better working angle, this dock has got me covered. It’s a testament to the fact that investing in a high-quality product can elevate your tech experience.

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