Bomba Stick Review: Cordless DIY Plumbing Device

Claiming as the “World’s first complete premium cordless DIY plumbing device", the Bomba Stick is the newest home tech that’s soon to be launched on Kickstarter. It is an automatic plunger that uses high-density air compression, which is suitable for most, if not all, plumbing fixtures in your house. You can use it for your floor drains, bathroom and/or kitchen sinks, and yes, even your toilets. 
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The Bomba Stick is the only thing you’ll need to put all your plumbing issues to an end. From clogged kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, floor drains, and toilets, here’s the newest device that will certainly blast away anything that’s blocking your pipes.



  • Automatic anti-backsplash technology
  • Multipurpose
  • Overheating prevention


  • Can’t be used more than 10 minutes at a time

Claiming as the “World’s first complete premium cordless DIY plumbing device”, the Bomba Stick is the newest home tech that’s soon to be launched on Kickstarter. It is an automatic plunger that uses high-density air compression, which is suitable for most, if not all, plumbing fixtures in your house. You can use it for your floor drains, bathroom and/or kitchen sinks, and yes, even your toilets.

Is the Bomba Stick the answer to all your plumbing issues? How does it compare to other electric and automatic plungers? Let’s find out with this review. Don’t have time to read the whole thing? Just click on any of the links below to skip to that section.


While it’s not something anyone would enjoy and look forward to, plunging is certainly one thing everyone has to do at some point – all the more if you own an older home with older toilets and fixtures. While manual plungers will often do the trick, they can be messy and just downright nasty. The dirty water along with whatever is clogging your pipes can flow back, creating an unpleasant smell. It may even splash and reach you if you’re not careful.

To avoid those dreadful manual plungers, many are tempted to use chemicals to unclog their sinks, drains, and toilets. However, some of these chemicals can be too harsh and abrasive on your drain pipes, and continuous usage can lead to even bigger and costlier problems later on. Of course, you can always count on your trusty plumber to do the job. But then again, it will be more expensive.

Luckily, none of these issues matter with the Bomba Stick. There’s no physical struggle, no backward flowing or regurgitation, no damages to your pipes, and no extra fees. With just a click of a button, you can plunge through foul odors, stubborn clogs, and all your bothersome plumbing issues.

In terms of price, Bomba Stick is obviously going to be more expensive than manual plungers. With a retail price of US$100, it’s also pricier than some of the top electric plungers around, including the FEIYABDF Toilet Plunger and InstaPlunge Electric Plunger System. The good news is, you can purchase Bomba Stick for a much lower price on Kickstarter. Instead of US$100, you’d only have to pay US$79 – which is at the same price range as the two top-selling electric plungers we’ve mentioned.

Bomba Stick Being Used


Two Tanks

Bomba Stick has two tanks. The first one, which is the multi-compression tank, is perfect for unclogging kitchen sinks, restroom floors, and washstands. The other one, which is the compression tank, is ideal for toilets.

Air Pressure Gauge

Similar to InstaPlunge and the FEIYABDF Toilet Plunger, the Bomba Stick is equipped with an air pressure gauge. This feature is vital so you can safely apply the right pressure for your specific plumbing needs.

Patented Anti-Regurgitation Technology

To ensure complete cleanliness and prevent backsplash, Bomba Stick is designed with a patented anti-regurgitation technology. When the compression tank collects air, its head quickly expands and sticks to the walls of your toilet. This is what prevents dirty water and any bodily unmentionables from coming back. As the compressed air is released, Bomba Stick will then enforce quick blocking to prevent anything from entering the device.


Another great thing about the Bomba Stick is that you can use it for other purposes too. Since the tanks are separate, you can use the main body and connect it with the air pressure pump attachment that’s included in the package. You will then be able to use it to pump air into tubes, floaties, balls, camping/outdoor equipment, and others easily. It’s also worth noting that the Bomba Stick comes with 3 types of air pressure pump nozzles: pin, round, and cone.

Overheating Prevention

Overheating is a common issue among devices that utilizes pressurized air. Now, to prevent this from happening, Bomba Stick is installed with a Bimetallic Processor. This will shut down the device when the internal part gets too hot.

Bomba Stick VS Other Electric Plungers

Bomba Stick FEIYABDF Plunger InstaPlunge
Anti-Backsplash Automatic technology Inflatable toilet head Inflatable toilet head
Pressure Gauge
Air Pressure Pump
Bathroom Sinks
Kitchen Sinks
Floor Drain

The biggest advantage of Bomba Stick over other electric plungers is its anti-backsplash technology. It’s automatic, so you don’t have to inflate and pump anything manually. Aside from being more convenient, it’s also less likely to fail. See, if you don’t inflate the toilet head enough, some of the dirty water may splash back at you.

We also like that Bomba Stick is multipurpose, unlike FEIYABDF Plunger and InstaPlunge, which both serve only one purpose – unclog. It may be a little disturbing if you think about it. Using the same device for your drains and toilets, and your floaties or air bed? But hey, it’s nice to think it’s there when you need it.

Now, if you’re planning to use Bomba Stick to pump air into something huge like a big air bed or inflatable bounce house, then better reconsider. See, due to its bi-metal parts, Bomba Stick will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. It will then need to cool down for another 30 minutes, so you can’t really use it for a long time. Usually, we’d see this as a huge disadvantage. But considering what it is designed for, it’s perfectly understandable.


In terms of aesthetics, you’d immediately notice Bomba Stick’s superior quality. Specifically, the tanks and main body seem pretty solid compared to other similar products. It’s also fairly easy to use, and you can blast any blockage that’s causing the problem with just one touch of a button.

Take note, however, that Bomba Stick comes with more parts than any other electric plunger. There’s the main body, 2 tanks, a multi-plumbing cap for sinks and floor drains, air pressure pump, power adapter, 12V power plug, 3 pump nozzles, and a storage stand for the air compression tank. With this many parts, storing, taking out, assembling, and storing it back again can be real work.

Final Thoughts

Bomba Stick claims to be the “World’s first complete premium cordless DIY plumbing device”. Is it the first cordless DIY plumbing device? No, because other electric plungers operate and release compressed air without needing to be plugged in the wall. And since they can deal with sinks, drains, and toilets as well, Bomba Stick isn’t also the first complete plumbing device. But is it premium? Well, it seems so.

That said, if you’re looking for a premium electric plunger that will prevent you from manually plunging your drains and toilets, avoid harmful chemical products, and save yourself from the gross backsplash, then the Bomba Stick is certainly a good choice.

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