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Dji Mini SE Drone Review: An Ultralight Drone Designed for Beginners

The Mini SE is compact, lightweight, and affordable. Go through this Dji Mini SE drone review to find out if it's worth buying.๐Ÿ•น๏ธ
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With up to 4 quick shot modes, the Dji Mini SE will allow you to capture cinematic shots with no frustration. The drone and the controller are fully foldable, allowing for easy portability. Best of all; the kit is inclusive of additional accessories for user convenience. Nonetheless, the camera quality and transmission range are not that great but the drone is a good budget option.



Easy to operate

Lightweight design

Great app support


Short transmission range

The Dji Mini SE is unlike most drones on the market. It’s exceptionally lightweight and has great features that will provide you with a smooth flying experience. And the fact that it weighs less than two hundred and fifty grams means you can fly it in most places without registration. This Dji Mini SE drone review will help you decide whether to buy this device or give it a pass.


Weighing under 240g, the Dji Mini SE is a compact yet powerful drone that you can count on when it comes to taking pictures and recording videos. Also, it is reasonably priced, so you will be able to capture your best moments without breaking the bank. The Mini SE looks a lot like the Dji Mini 2 but there are slight differences when it comes to features.

However, the Dji Mini 2 is more expensive, with good reason of course, it has a longer range and also features a camera that is slightly more powerful than that found on the Dji Mini SE. The Mini SE can be a great option for beginners due to its straightforward design and ease of use. Plus, it has great app support and offers easy-to-follow tutorials and on-screen instructions that will help you get started. Convenient right?

The Dji fly app not only has a user-friendly interface but also gives users access to SkyPixel, a platform that will allow you to interact with other people who own Dji Mini drones. From here, you can share your favourite shooting locations, videos, and photos with other users. Capturing videos and taking photos with the Mini SE is a cinch. Moreover, you can set the camera at different angles to get cinematic shots from different heights.

More on the camera, the gimbal on which it is attached allows for quick adjustments without compromising stability. On the downside, the Dji Mini SE has no dedicated collision sensors like most drones. That said, you should exercise caution when flying the drone in tight spaces. But the good thing is that it has landing sensors that will automatically reduce the flight speed if the drone comes down too hard.


3-axis Gimbal

Attaching a high-quality camera to a drone is just the first step to achieving cinematic shots. You need a reliable stabilisation system that can help you move and position the camera with precision. And that is why Dji equipped the Mini SE with a motorised 3-axis gimbal for smooth performance when taking pictures or capturing videos even when it’s windy.

Advanced Sensors

To make landing easy, the Dji Mini SE is fitted with vision sensors that prompt the system to reduce the flight speed when the drone is close to the ground. That way, you can bring the drone from a high altitude and still achieve a smooth landing.

Automatic Takeoff

If you are tired of manually lifting the drone to the ground, you can make use of the automatic launch function. Once the drone is in the air, it will hover at the same altitude until you give it the next command.

Quickshot Modes

The Mini SE offers up to four modes that you can choose from; rocket, dronie, circle, and helix. This will enable you to take complex shots with ease. The rocket mode allows the drone to ascend with the camera pointing to the ground, as it gradually increases the area of coverage.

With the dronie mode, you can take great selfies and videos as the drone hovers around you, while the circle mode causes the Mini SE to travel along a given circumference. The helix mode is somewhat similar to the circle mode but the only difference is that the drone moves in a helix motion while ascending and flying back.

Large Capacity Battery

Nestled in the Dji Mini SE is a high-performance battery that will provide you with up to 30 minutes of continuous flight time. This means you will spend more time flying and not charging batteries.


  • Dimensions: 160 mm x 202 mm x 55 mm (unfolded), 140 mm x 82 mm x 57 mm (folded)
  • Weight: <280 g
  • Flight Time: 30 Minutes
  • Transmission Range: 4 km
  • Photo Resolution: 12MP
  • Wind Resistance: 37.8 kph
  • Flight Speed: 46.8 kph
  • Collision Sensors: No


The Dji Mini SE drone has a lot to offer in terms of its design. It is not only ultralight but also foldable, making it a great option for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can take this drone with you just about anywhere and will help you take high-quality shots of your favourite sites without giving you any problems. It has the same dimensions as the Dji Mini 2.

Both models measure 160 mm x 202 mm x 55 mm when unfolded and 140mm x 82mm x 57mm when folded. The airframe of the Mini SE has an angular design, which enhances its overall performance and flight speed at different altitudes. This also gives it excellent wind resistance, so you will always be in control of your drone provided that the wind speed is below 37.8kph.

The IR sensor is placed on the rear side of the drone, with two vision sensors on each side. This allows for smooth takeoffs and landings, thus lowering the chances of the drone getting damaged. The Dji Mini SE sports a 12MP camera and has a maximum video resolution of 2.7K/30fps. In addition to this, it has a maximum flight speed of 46.8 kph, making it a bit slow compared to the Mini 2. It also has a lower bitrate than most drones but this is not much of an issue since it comes at a cheaper price.

Like the drone, the controller is foldable, so you can fit both items in your backpack and still have enough room for other things that you may need when travelling. The antennas and the phone holder tuck down neatly, giving you a unit that is both compact and lightweight. You will be happy to know that the controller features both USB-C and MicroUSB ports, so it can work with a wide range of smartphones. Thereโ€™s also a Lightning RC port for added convenience.

Dji Mini SE Drone Review Round-up

If you are looking for a compact drone to capture memorable moments with your family, the Dji Mini SE can be a great pick. Although it is not as advanced as the Dji Mini 3 Pro, it performs well under the right conditions. It has multiple modes that can prove helpful in different scenarios and is equipped with vision sensors to prevent crash landings.

To make it even better, the drone comes with an ergonomically designed controller for user comfort. The transmission range is however short and may limit you. All in all, the Dji Mini SE offers good value for money and is worth the price.




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