DWARF II: A Portable Smart Telescope for Stargazing & Birrd Watching

Take the saying “the world is your oyster” to a whole new level and enjoy great scenery from the entire galaxy to the wildest forests and rivers with high-quality imagery and smart optical technology. Elevate your stargazing and birdwatching skills with this versatile smart telescope. 
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The DWARF II is an excellent and powerful tool to use to get the best experience while stargazing and bird watching. With its crisp images and AI-powered system, you will feel like a real professional photographer without having to break the bank with all of the expensive gear!



  • Portable and lightweight
  • Lenses are as competitive as 35 mm cameras
  • The camera automatically retracts after powering off


  • Might a backup power supply for longer usage beyond its battery capacity

Today is a good day to be living in a modern era, with technology expanding our horizons and understanding of the world around us. A perfect example of one such product is the portable smart telescope, “DWARF II”. Giving you a modern-day living experience of stargazing and birdwatching. Capture the great view from the sky or from down below, on the vast lands, with the use of your device, without having to worry about the quality of your picture.

TINYSCOPE brought its DWARF I back to the drawing board after listening to its consumers’ suggestions and feedback and came back with great upgrades; to which we’ll break down and highlight the best features.

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Even with today’s series of high-end phones and cameras, capturing the sky at night in its true form is a frustrating experience for most people. You need specifically-engineered devices and a lot of skill in order to get the result that you want. The DWARF II is designed for Astrophotography. It can give you deep-space photos of nebulas and galaxies.

During daylight, DWARF II is useful for capturing wildlife encounters at a safe distance without disturbing the animals or putting you in danger. A DSLR, even with the longest lens, won’t give you the field of view capture that you need.

DWARF II Internal Mechanisms


Dual Cameras

One of its highlighted features is its dual cameras. It has a wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera. For landscapes, panoramas, and for normal use of the camera, you have the wide-angle. You get 20x the optical magnification in your photos compared to a smartphone which has 10x digital magnification. That means you can zoom as far as you can and you’ll still get a sharpened image.

Now, for Astrophotography, you can rely on its camera lens which is equivalent to a 675 mm lens on a 35 mm camera. It registers multiple exposures, giving you a bright and clear image of galaxies.

Wireless control

Usually, with DSLRs, you will need to set the camera to a certain setting manually, look into its viewfinder, and carefully capture your desired image with the click of the shutter. Now, everyone knows how tricky this process is, especially with long exposures. But with the DWARF II, you can control everything via an APP that is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. All you need is to connect to the WiFi of the device. Life made easy!

Panorama, Object, and Star tracking

The Panorama, Object, and Star tracking are its best features to fully represent how high-tech this gadget is. Panorama is a handy photo capture option on any device—cameras and mobile phones alike. But with the DWARF II, you are able to take a picture with one billion pixels. You can even capture multiple images and stitch them into one whole picture, with the use of its 2-axis scanning.

With Object tracking, the DWARF II allows you to select a target object by framing it and tracking the selected target through the app. This smart telescope is AI-powered and so its object tracking is done through multiple deep learning networks.

For its star tracking, the DWARF II can rotate around the altitude and azimuth along with the movement of stars. It uses a field-rotation-correction algorithm to avoid field rotation. Pair it with its AI-powered system, the star tracking is designed to be automatic. It is, above all things, a telescope.


Dimension size:

  • Height: 20.3 cm3
  • Width: 12.7 cm3
  • Diameter: 6.1 cm3


  • 1.4 kg

Digital Resolution

  • 8 Megapixel (Telephoto)
  • 2 Megapixel (Wide Angle)

Working Distance

  • 2 m – ∞

Field of view

  • 5° (Telephoto)
  • 70° (Wide Angle)

TF Card Capacity

  • 128 GB

Battery Capacity

  • 5000 mAh

Frame rate

  • 60fps@2k
  • 30fps@4k

Compared to DWARF I, this new version of the smart telescope is periscopic and has a built-in pan/tilt stage. Now compared to DSLR cameras with telephoto lenses, tripods, and trackers, the DWARF II is very portable. No excessive assembling is needed. It’s even lighter and cheaper.

Final thoughts

This product is not only for the Asterophiles and the Uranophiles, but it’s also for nature photographers who like to capture wildlife and natural landscapes. It’s a very smart device that will help you achieve high-quality images and exceptional experiences with minimum effort. It’s way cheaper than a DSLR camera with expensive lens attachments.

Pick up your DWARF II here.


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