WOA Review: Can This Angular Toothbrush Really Do It All?

The average person goes through a lot of toothbrushes in their life, ever in search of the perfect brushing experience. Whether it’s regular or electric, normal bristles or charcoal, many toothbrushes claim to be the most recommended by dentists or the next best thing to keep your teeth and gums healthy. WOA is taking the risk of jumping into a saturated market filled with tons of trusted brands, in hopes of revolutionizing what your toothbrush is capable of.
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WOA Toothbrush Review summary


WOA successfully combines brushing, tongue cleaning, and flossing into one neat package, allowing you to complete your oral hygiene rituals without having to switch from product to product



  • 5 different modes to switch through
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Not too pricey


  • Design is quite bland
  • You have to buy another toothbrush each time one wears out

People have to jump through a lot of hoops every time they clean their teeth. They use a toothbrush, dental floss, sometimes even a tongue cleaner. WOA aims to replace all of these by providing you with multiple modes that can perform all the functions of these items.

That way, you just need a single product to keep teeth, gums, and tongue in tip-top shape. In this WOA review, we’re going to find out if this angular toothbrush really is all it’s cracked up to be, or if it’s or if it’s just another gimmicky invention that only sounds good in theory.

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WOA is an angular toothbrush that can adjust the layout of its head and bristles depending on your brushing needs. It boasts silver and charcoal bristles for a premium feel and cleanness, and it includes five different modes that you can utilize to hit different spots in your teeth. It’s not electric, so you won’t have to constantly charge it or keep it stocked with batteries.

It works through a simple sliding mechanism that alters the bristles on the head, widening or narrowing the bristles in various ways for a deeper, more specific clean. It’s a simple premise, but one that hasn’t been done so far and has the potential to change the way we perceive the common toothbrush completely.


5 Different Modes

Through the simple slider located near the neck of the brush, you can manipulate the bristle layout to clean out specific areas in your teeth, no matter how narrow. This effectively eliminates the need for flossing, since the WOA can hit those same spots. It also takes into consideration the different tooth sizes and types, so no one is left out. For example, there’s a mode for brushing narrower areas, like the spaces between your molars, as well as a wider area for your interdental regions.

Ultrafine Bristle Combination

WOA aims to hit that sweet spot between softness and rigidity to give you a comfortable yet deep clean. The bristles are a mix between charcoal and silver, offering you a soft micro brush in the middle, and a normal flexible brush around it. It’s a 0.01mm & 0.001mm microfiber toothbrush, so there’s no doubt that it can get to even the narrowest of gaps.

Head Designed For Airflow

The head of the WOA is designed to have spaces that allow water and air to flow right through it. This makes the toothbrush easier to clean and allows it to dry off a lot more quickly.

Recyclable Materials

WOA was crafted with Eco-friendly PCTG and its extremely lightweight build which means that a minimal amount of resources were used to create every toothbrush.


Weight 22g
Dimensions 205 x 16 x 17 mm
Brush Condition White (Soft: 6Mil: 0.01 – 0.02mm) | Black (Middle Soft 7 Mil: 0.02 – 0.03mm)
Brush Material PBT, 60°C
Handle Material PCTG, 60°C

Build & Design

WOA was designed to be rigid enough that you can really put some force behind your brushing so that you hit those stubborn spots, but with delightfully soft bristles that treat your teeth and gums with care and are thin enough to go through the narrowest of gaps in your teeth. The bristles are a combination of silver and charcoal.

Silver bristles are known for naturally eliminating bacteria, so it’s as if it self-cleans after use. Charcoal bristles, on the other hand, are supposedly superior at removing plaque and stains and can help eliminate bad breath and halitosis. To top it all off, the toothbrush is made from eco-friendly material, so the environmentally conscious can use it without any issues.

The WOA isn’t much to look at, really, with a design that isn’t all that different from a budget toothbrush, save for the big black slider located along the product’s body. There are brushes that are a lot sleeker looking from the leading brands in the industry.

What’s it like to use?

This toothbrush utilizes a simple slider mechanism to change bristle layouts into five different modes. It’s wonderfully easy to use and you’ll be effortlessly switching modes in no time at all with just a flick of your thumb. The first mode is meant to clean between narrow interdentals, the second is to cover the exterior sides of your teeth, the third is for the up and down brushing of your teeth sides, the fourth is for taking care of your deeper gums and molars, and the fifth is for the gentler cleaning of your gums and tongue.


The WOA is an innovative toothbrush that does an admirable job of combining brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning into one handy tool. It’s easy to use and made out of sturdy materials, so you’ll be using it well until the bristles finally give in. It’s not the prettiest-looking toothbrush around, but that really doesn’t matter too much if it keeps your teeth and gums cleaner than the other products out there.


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