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How Do Electric Lawn Mowers Work

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If you’re looking for an environment-friendly and economical way to mow your lawn, then you should consider electric lawnmowers! Unlike typical gas-powered mowers, these machines run on electricity, so they are a great choice for anyone who wants to save money on gas.

In this blog article, we’ll go over the many different types of electric lawnmowers and how they function. So, if you want to mow your lawns with precision and do it the right way, then read on!

Electric Lawn Mowers: What Is It?

Lawnmowers are machines designed to cut or trim grass surfaces at even heights. They typically have one or more revolving blades that provide even cutting at the desired height for an attractive look in your yard!

Electric lawnmowers are the greenest lawn mowers that can be powered by an electrical outlet or built-in lithium-ion batteries. They don’t use gas or oil, they’re quieter than other types like a gas-powered mower. Moreover, they emit zero emissions so you can enjoy a guilt-free cleanup!

Also, these lawnmowers can save you maintenance costs and time as they are typically run-on electricity.

If you’re in market for a new electric lawn mower then give our buying guide a read by clicking here.

Advantages of Electric Lawn Mowers

Here are a few advantages of Electric Lawn Mowers that can help you compare the machines with their gas or oil-powered counterparts:

  • Electric lawnmowers are designed for quieter operations than other types of lawnmowers out there.
  • They require the least maintenance as you won’t require any fuel re-filling and frequent component replacement.
  • They are lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • They are eco-friendly as they don’t emit anything at all.
  • They are comparatively less expensive than other types of lawnmowers considering the offered functions.

Disadvantages of Electric Lawn Mowers

Besides their unique advantages, there are some disadvantages of electric lawnmowers that you should consider before buying one:

  • Electric Lawnmowers are suited only for small and medium yards. So, if you are planning to mow a large yard, then these aren’t the machines you’re looking for.
  • They are sometimes not as powerful as the other types of lawnmowers out there.
  • Their runtimes are shorter than gas-powered lawnmowers.
  • They may overheat from time to time.
Different types of electric lawnmowers
A corded electric lawn mower.

Types of Electric Lawn Mower

If you’re in the market for an electric lawnmower, you have a few different types to choose from.

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

The most common type of electric mower is the corded electric mower. These are usually easier to maneuver. However, the downside is that you must deal with a power cord, which can be a bit of a nuisance in terms of movement and sometimes safety.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Another type of electric mower is the cordless electric mower. These are becoming more and more popular, as they don’t have the hassle of a cord. They can be used for longer ranges as they aren’t limited by the power cord’s length.

Electric Lawn Mower Controls

Electric lawnmowers have been proven to be the most effective and easy-to-use when compared with other types. The simplicity of their controls makes them perfect for people who want an easy experience!

But how do these controls work? The answer to this question lies under the following heads:

Power Cord

The power cord is a necessary component for using your lawnmower if it’s a corded one. It plugs into an outlet and utilizes electricity from that source, which will keep the mower running if there’s juice left in the socket! Which will remain if there’s power in the hour house.


As mentioned earlier in this blog, batteries are the power source of Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers. These batteries are required to be charged typically after every 1 hour of use. And must be replaced within 5 years which is its average lifespan.

Control Levers

Control levers are manual controls to determine the height at which you intend to cut the grass.

Rear Rollers

The rear roller helps to even out the terrain and stabilizes your mower. So, it won’t shake too much while operating on uneven surfaces!

Cutout Switches

The safety features of these switches will stop your electric lawn mower in its tracks when it detects a problem.

Now that, we know how the controls in an electric lawn mower work, we need to know how an electric lawn mower works.

How do Corded Electric-Mowers Work
A Corded electric lawn mower being used.

How Does an Electric Lawn Mower Work?

As discussed earlier in this blog post, electric lawn mowers can be divided into two types and these types may vary across multiple dimensions such as power, start-up, function, etc.

So, let’s see how different types of electric lawnmowers work differently!

How do Corded Electric Mowers Work

A corded electric lawn mower uses rotating blades to cut grass. Unlike gas lawn mowers, the blades are powered by an electric motor rather than gas. But where does the power come from? How does it start and how does it function?

To answer all these questions, let’s consider the following dimensions.

Step 1: Turning the electricity on

The corded mower directly draws electricity from electrical outlets using a power cord. The drawn electricity then powers the motor and subsequently, the blades of the mower.

But the power cord is a double-edged sword!

Obviously, it can run the machine if there is an outlet to power it. But the cord must be long enough to cover your whole yard.

If it isn’t long enough to cover your desired area of mowing, you can simply buy a heavy-duty extension cable and use it to extend the cord up to your desired distance.

Note that, if the cord isn’t handled with care, it may cause some serious safety issues. It may destroy the blades or motor of the mower by getting stuck under it. Or worse, the cord can get damaged exposing the possibility of electrification.

Step 2: Starting Up the Lawnmower

Before working with or using a corded electric lawnmower, you have to know how to start it up. Well, it’s a fairly simple process with just two steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Plug the power cord into an outlet near the lawn you intend to mow.
  • Start your lawnmower by pressing the start button or flicking the switch.

Step 3: Operating the Mower Properly

Now that, we know how the power and start-up of a corded electric lawnmower works, it’s important to know, how its operations work. Here is how:

  • Corded electric mowers have unlimited operation time.
  • These are lightweight and easy to move due to the absence of batteries, fuel tanks or gas tanks.
  • These are best for small lawns typically, 8000 square feet as these are usually limited by a 50 – 100 feet long power cord.
  • These can result in dangerous outcomes if worked on wet grasses as these are electrical in nature.

How do Cordless Electric Mowers Work

Electric mowers have been around for quite some time, but cordless electric mowers are a relatively newer invention. So, how do they work?

Let’s look at the following for some answers:

Step 1: Powering Up the Mower

The blades of a cordless lawnmower are run by a replaceable lithium-ion battery. The battery voltage typically remains between 48 to 56 volts on the low-end, and 100 to 120 volts on the high-end.

They may not have as much power as a corded model, and they need to be recharged periodically. Lawnmower batteries typically last 30-90 minutes when fully charged. So, don’t forget to charge the battery before your next run!

To charge the battery faster you can use a rapid charger that recharges at 50 Kilo Watt or higher.

Step 2: Starting Up the Lawnmower

Starting up a battery-powered mower is easier than using it. Here are a few simple steps to guide you through it:

  • Check your mower’s battery to make sure it is charged and installed properly.
  • Make sure to check your mower’s safety key before starting it. The safety key is a necessary component that ensures electrical current can flow through it and start up your motor.
  • Flip the switch near your handle. And voila! you’re ready to trim those uneven grasses.

Step 3: Operating the Mower Properly

Operating cordless mowers is quite an easy task once you have the knowledge of how it functions. Here is some information that serves the purpose:

  • Cordless lawn mowers can work over long distances if their batteries run.
  • If the batteries run out, the blades run out as well.
  • These are great tools to work on medium-sized flat lawns.
  • As the battery is replaceable, there should be no harm in keeping a backup battery for longer runtime.
  • The latest trend in lawn care is “robotic cordless electric mowers”. These units are battery-powered and have a sensor that helps them find their way over your grass without the need for human intervention! However, as these are still emerging technology, they are quite expensive to afford for most people.


Electric lawnmowers either corded or cordless are the best choice for your yard because they’re easy to use and have many safety features. These machines are made for conserving energy. These can scale down work, reduce maintenance, and save money.

On contrary, lawn mowing can sometimes be a massive hassle. But with the proper knowledge of your lawnmower, you can do it without breaking a sweat.

In this article, we’ve discussed “how electric lawnmowers work” to provide you with such knowledge. Hope it fulfills your purpose. Thank you for reading!


1. How do Electric Lawnmowers Start?

Electric Lawnmowers are very simple and easy to start!

Just turn a key and pull the lever or push the button if you have a cordless model. And if you have a corded one then, simply plug it into an outlet and push a button or flip the switch. That’s it!

2. How Long Do Electric Lawn Mower Batteries Last?

Lawnmower batteries last for about 5 years.

3. How often do you need to clean a lawnmower?

You should clean a lawnmower at least twice during the mowing season.


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