Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Review – Sound Heaven?

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If you’re reading this Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 review chances are that you’re a bit of an audiophile or at least on your way to becoming one. Well, you won’t be left disappointed. These guys are acoustically brilliant and offer a stellar listening experience.

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These are the best sounding wireless earbuds we have reviewed, but they are lacklustre in other areas, which makes them hard to recommend to  anyone who isn’t a pure audiophile.



✓ Top-quality sound

✓ Great charging case




✘ Expensive

✘ Uncomfortable for small ears

✘ Lacking some premium features

Sennheiser has been at the forefront of high-quality audio devices for many years now and that fact they’ve managed to continue this trend in the form of wireless earbuds is no surprise. But not only do these buds sound fantastic they have a lot of positives in other areas. Let’s take a look!

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Sound Quality

Just like their excellent Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds use the same high-quality 7mm drivers. However, there is an improvement in sound quality which is due to better sound processing software and chipsets. A more obvious improvement is the inclusion of ANC (active noise cancellation), which doesn’t directly contribute to the audio quality but does improve the listening experience in certain situations. More on that later

The Momentum True Wireless 2 has a superbly balanced sound profile that compliments almost all genres of music excellently. Sennheisser is at the top of their game here and you can really notice the difference between these and the originals. The soundstage feels vast and as a result, the music you’re listening to feels spacial rather than just in your head. It’s really a novel feeling.

sennheiser-momentum-true wireless buds up close


Ther bass on these guys is great. It’s not as high up in the mix as some other wireless earbuds but the bass certainly adds a lot of depth and fullness to the music. Unlike the Powerbeats Pros, the bass on these is less punchy and has more thickness to it. So, if you’re really into bumpin your hop hop out to the max, you might want to look at another pair. Saying that, in our opinion, the bass on these is actually the best balanced of any pair.


Hands down the best mids accurate of nay in-ear wireless earbuds. The mids are just so well presented in the mix it almost sounds like you’re listening to live music. Vocals heavy tracks are incredibly clear and well suited to these Sennhesiers. Lead instruments are also wonderfully represented in this sound profile


These guys get a lot of flack for have poor treble balance and they kind of do and they kind of don’t. Yes, objectively, according to testing the treble is recessed, but according to my ears, they are not! Just something I thought was worth mentioning.

All in all, Sennheiser have done a fantastic job with the sound quality. The mix is great and there’s no denying just how good these sound when you’re actually using them. Everything is just so crisp and high fidelity. It’s fair to say that these are probably less suited to really bass-heavy music or people who prefer bass turned way up but for everyone else, these are top of the pile.

Active Noise Cancellation

The addition of active noise cancellation is the most obvious improvement over the first iteration and for me moves these wireless earbuds into the top tier. As someone who (used to) commute and travel a fair bit, I would feel lost without ANC. Now, expectations should only be so high when discussing ANC on earbuds, simply because they are earbuds, not headphones.

With that being said, these guys do a very good job at blocking out most unwanted noises. They do much better at blocking out the conversations around you than they do at blocking out deeper droning sounds. I could still hear the construction drilling albeit at a much-reduced level.

The ANC is a welcome addition but an expected one also. These are not cheap and should be full of useful features to help justify the price. Yes, the audio quality is top-notch but earbuds in this price range should serve more functions than just music playback.


Despite being smaller than the originals these are still a little on the larger side. As a result, they were actually a little bit uncomfortable after a lengthy listening session. Admittedly, my ears are quite small, so it may only be a problem for my small-eared brethren but it is certainly something worth noting.

However, these guys are super lightweight and are packaged with four different sized sets of ear tips so it seems the discomfort is purely a result of small ears and larger buds.

As with any premium purchases, it’s well worth trying these out in-person (if possible) to see if they are a good fit for you!


The controls on these are OK at best. Yes, they allow you to do all of the usual things you would expect it’s just that there a bit unintuitive. The main reason for this is the default volume control, which relies on using both earbuds – tapping the left bud for lower, and the right bud for higher. This is just awkward and means you either have to use both arms or wave your hand back and forth to get the right volume level. Strange choice. There are no actual buttons or rockers and instead, Sennhesier opted purely for touch controls.

However, Sennheiser has allowed uses to customise the controls to their preferences. This is all done through the Sennheiser SmartControl companion app. Playing around in here for just a short time will grant you a much better experience with the controls.

The Momentum True Wireless earbuds do have auto pause and autoplay as standard. The in-0easr sensors will detect when a bud is removed and then automatically pause the playback and restart it again when it’s back in the ear. This is very useful for podcast listeners who don’t want to skip back and forth to find where they were at.

Overall, with a bit of tinkering, the controls on these are pretty good. Nothing outstanding but aside from the default controls, nothing to really complain about. These would be worked down quite severely if it wasn’t for the custom control option.

Connectivity & Codecs

As you would expect from a pair of premium wireless earbuds, the Sennheiser’s use the latest Bluetooth standards and codecs to communicate with your devices.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.1 and support for the aptX codec you can be confident that your high bitrate music will not be lost to lowgrade connectivity and codecs. Both Android and iOS support the aptX codec so your device won’t affect music playback quality. There is also support for SBC and AAC.

Battery Life

For the cost, battery life is a bit disappointing. Sure they’re better than some other wireless earbuds but with 7 hours max (ANC off) they’re no match for the Powerbeat’s 9 hours. With active noise cancellation turned on, you’ll be lucky to get 4 hours of playback. Again this isn’t awful, it’s just a bit underwhelming considering the cost (and size) of these.

The case holds 21 hours of charge, bringing the total to 28 hours of portable battery juice. To be fair, this is a lot of time and it will be rare that you would ever need this much time without having time to recharge. It takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge these from 0% to 100%. This is about average. The problem is, when the price is so high, you are held to high standards.

Another lacking feature is no wireless charging. Again, this isn’t the norm for wireless earbuds but it’s something that is becoming more frequent and in my opinion something that all premium buds should have as standard.

Sennheiser Momentum 2 Buds in Charging Case

Charging Case

It has to be said – this case looks incredible and is probably the best-looking charge case of any wireless earbuds. The grey fabric finish is premium in its look but also in its material choice. Sennheiser has done a fantastic job here.

The case is charged using a USB C cable (Woohoo!) that is included with your purchase. However, it is just 20cm in length, so keep that in mind. There is a battery indicator on the outside that uses a traffic light system to indicate the charge level.  It would have been nice to get something a bit more detailed like actual. percentages or more colours, but, this seems to be a trend.

The buds fit into their slots magnetically to prevent them falling out and to keep. them from rattling around. This also adds a nice user experience with a satisfying clink when they are inserted.

All in all the charging case is great. It holds a good amount of battery, is USB C, has a great design and is durable. However, the lack of wireless charging is a bit of a miss.


Aesthetically, these guys look fresh, modern and premium. It is nice dealing and everything fits together neatly. They are. almost identical to the first iteration, so if. you liked them,  you’ll like these. They don’t have a stem and are almost perfectly circular in their profile. The black and silver accent really compliment one another and adds to the premium style.

However, they are a bit on the bulky side and as a result, do protrude from ears more than we would like.

Momentum True Wireless 2 Review Summary

As good as these sound, and boy do they sound good, they miss the mark in a few too many areas. This is especially true when you consider the hefty price tag. If you’re a pure audiophile who wants a. pair of wireless earbuds just for listening then these are for you. But if you want a pair of more well-rounded bud then you’ll need to look elsewhere. A good place to start would be our list of best wireless earbuds.

I hope. that you found this Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 review helpful. If you have any comments or feedback please do leave them in the comments section below!

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