If you are anything like us, it can be hard to get yourself to the gym consistently. Worse yet, it can be even more difficult if you’re just starting a new workout routine. You could always hire a personal trainer or fitness consultant, but the cost  doesn’t make things any easier.

Lucky for us, many fitness wearables have developed useful sports coaching features over the years. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for an expensive personal trainer like the Garmin Forerunner 920XT, why not switch to an affordable smart watch device be your fitness coach instead? Whilst there are dozens of companies creating digital sports coaching devices, our favourite is the innovative team at Moov.

In this extensive Moov now review, we’re covering everything from the looks to the function. We can’t deny how stoked we were with the upgrades that the team at Moov have made. Check out out complete Moov Now review below and don’t forget to hit us up the comments. Whether you’ve tried the first generation Moov or are a fitness ethusiast, we want to hear your thoughts on where smart watch technology is heading.

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