How to Clean a Dehumidifier

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Each dehumidifier will have slightly different requirements so make sure to check the manufacturers’ guides, but there are common steps:

  • Filters: Dehumidifiers use filters to extract pollutants and as a result, they require regular cleaning and sometimes replacements. These filters are often coated in dust or mold and should be thoroughly wiped and vacuumed. Then wash with warm water and wait until completely dry before reinserting
  • Coils:Β Dehumidifiers use coils to cool the air and capture the condensation. These coils will need cleaning from time to time to remove hair, dust, and other unwanted elements. Use a combination of clothes, brushes, and vacuums to get these as clean as possible.
  • Catch bucket: The water collected has to go somewhere and that’s the catch bucket. This requires regular cleaning with anti-bacterial solutions like bleach. Just make sure all of the bleach is removed prior to putting it back.
  • The outside of the unit: Occasionally wipe the outside to minimise the amount of dust and hair that falls into the unit.

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