YesWelder CT2050: The Swiss Army Knife of Welders

When it comes to welding projects, getting the right equipment is key to producing high-quality results. It can also help make your job faster, easier, and make you more productive. And if you are in the market for a professional welding machine, then you may want to consider YesWelder’s newest offering - the Firstess CT2050.
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Looking for the right equipment is only half the battle when it comes to welding and cutting. So if you want to make your job easier and faster, best consider the CT2050. Not only does it have an AC/DC TIG, AC/DC Pulse TIG, and stick welding, but it also has a plasma cutter and air compressor. It has everything you need to make your dream projects a reality.




Most versatile multi-process welding machine on the market

Good performance and built considering the price

Comes with everything you need to start using all the processes

Lightweight and portable


Bit of a learning curve for beginners

The Firstess CT2050 is YesWelder’s follow-up on its very successful MP200. It is packed with more features and power, allowing you to adapt to different environments. More importantly, it’s more capable of handling other complex materials and trickier angles, making it perfect for experienced workers. Let’s learn about what this welding machine can do and what makes it different from others in this review.

Just last year, YesWelder brought the MP200 – a 5-in-1 welding machine for DIY projects – to the crowdfunding scene where it was able to raise an impressive US$3,563,568 from more than 5,000 backers. While it worked well with beginners or DIY home hobbyists, it wasn’t enough for experienced welders. It wasn’t capable of welding aluminum as well. Now, to cater to their needs, YesWelder is yet again on Kickstarter to launch a more powerful and multipurpose welding machine through the new CT2050.

While other multi-process welders offer only two to four processes, the CT2050 has seven. With it, you can cycle through AC/DC TIG, AC/DC Pulse, plasma cutting, stick welding, and aluminum welding all in a single machine. It even has a built-in air compressor. So if you are looking for the most versatile machine that will help you get the job done, simplify your workflow, and improve your skills and creativity, then this might just be the one for you.

To make it even better, the CT2050 will be offered at a much lower price if you catch its campaign on Kickstarter. The machine alone will only cost US$999 for Super Early Bird backers, which is absolutely a fantastic deal.

So if you want to save big on your new professional welding machine, then better hurry.



Like regular welding machines, the CT2050 features DC TIG to cover your basic welding needs for metals, including stainless steel. But since this isn’t ideal for welding aluminum and other sensitive metals, YesWelder also added AC TIG on this machine. One of the problems with the MP200 was its inability to weld aluminum. So this is a very welcome upgrade.

With the CT2050’s AC / DC TIG, you can now use it on anything – from aluminum to nickel and magnesium. If you’re working on repairing automobiles and bicycle frames, this is a great choice.

AC / DC Pulse TIG

If you’re already working or want to try out your hands at more challenging projects such as processing extremely thin base metals, then the CT2050’s pulse TIG can surely help you. It can also provide you the flexibility you need to work on those corners, pipes, and other spots that are hard to reach.

Plasma Cutting

Just like the MP200, the CT2050 also has plasma cutting. Only, its output current is better with its upgraded wire coil. As a result, the CT2050 has an increased cutting thickness and you can cut through anything up to 1 inch thick. It’s also able to process thicker base materials at a faster rate, which means you can handle larger projects with ease.

We’d also like to mention the CT2050’s upgraded non-touch pilot arc, which is ideal for cutting painted, rough, or even rusted surfaces with minimal dross. With it, you can start cutting before the electrode touches the surface of the metal and achieve a flat cut surface. This is also said to prolong the consumables’ life.

Built-in Air Compressor

One of the hardest things in using a plasma cutter is having to lug around a giant air compressor. With the CT2050, however, you no longer need to as it comes with a built-in compressor. This is a great feature especially if you’re always on the road or do a lot of outdoor projects.

Stick Welding

Striking an arc with the CT2050 is easy. Even in damp or other challenging environments or situations, it can deliver a peak of current and help you start the arc without sticking and heating the base metal in the process. And it does so safely as its stick welding function includes a Voltage Reduction Device (VRD), which protects you from electric shocks.

Now, if you need to use E6010 electrodes, you can still do so with the CT2050. It has an upgraded software algorithm that supports E6010 electrodes even when the VRD is on.

Wide Voltage Range

There’s no saying that your voltage will not fluctuate when working. So you must be ready when it does. But with the YesWelder CT2050, you always are. Featuring the latest in PFC Power Factor Controller Tech, any fluctuations in the current while you’re working will not affect your welding process. It will provide you with a smooth current flow until you get the job done.

It also has a 96V-265V voltage range, which is wider and more convenient to use no matter what country you are in.

What’s great about the CT2050 is that it can run an impressive 100% duty cycle at 45 amps and 220V under room temperature of 77℉ (25℃) while in Plasma Cutting mode. This is a huge upgrade from the MP200, which has only a 60% duty cycle. What does this mean? You can now plasma cut for 10 minutes straight without needing to pause. So you can slice thin or thick metals easily.

The CT2050 also has a smart mode, which allows you to change the welding angle with just a tap of a button. With it, you don’t have to worry about working in tight spaces or difficult positions. You can set it flat, vertical, or overhead, whichever is the best setting to improve your control and accuracy.

This mode also takes the guesswork out of the welding process as it automatically selects the perfect settings for your project. For instance, you can just put in the metal thickness you need to work with and weld angle and the machine will recommend the ideal voltage and amperage.


Being smaller, more portable, and compact than many similar machines is probably one of the best things about the CT2050. It weighs only 42.59lbs (19.32kg), which is lighter than the ESAB Rebel 205ic (22 kg). This compatibility makes it easy to be carried from place to place, especially suitable for those who need to work outside or have a very spacious workshop.

The CT2050 is encased in a steel unibody that protects it from the rough welding life. It’s durable and with its paint job, it looks very high-quality, too. For its price range, its build is actually pretty excellent. It also doesn’t have brittle plastics, unlike most machines at lower prices. Most of all, the CT2050 comes with everything you need to start working.

It’s also worth mentioning that the CT2050 has dual high-speed fans that utilize a seven-leaf design. This allows it to keep cool when running. As you may already know, wear related to heat is one of the reasons why welding machines malfunction. So having a good cooling system is extremely important.

Final Thoughts

YesWelder has definitely listened to their customers and brought a more heavy-duty machine for experienced and professional welders with the Firstess CT2050. With its new and upgraded features, it has everything you need for cutting and welding. This simplifies your workflow and makes the whole process easier and faster. Now you only have to take out one box to finish a project.

This is perhaps the biggest appeal of the CT2050. With it, you no longer have to buy several single-process machines to start working. It already has an AC/DC TIG, AC/DC Pulse TIG, plasma cutter, air compressor, and stick welding all in one machine. So can you just imagine how much money you can save?

Like the MP200, the CT2050 is one of the first multi-process welders with a plasma cutter. But YesWelder takes this up a notch by adding in a built-in compressor. This was quite a surprise but definitely, an awesome upgrade since you don’t have to drag around other heavy equipment with you while cutting.

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