Save My Jeans – A New Way To Make Jeans Last Longer

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This review is a little different from our usual ones but we wanted to include it because it is all too personal to us. Almost all of us has had a favourite pair of jeans and almost all of us has also had the misfortune of having these same jeans tear.

You have a few different options here; never wear them again and donate them, attempt to repair them ourselves and probably do a less than stellar job), or walk around with a hole in our crutch. Yeh, I’m not a huge fan of any of these options, especially when I have shelled out $100+ on a nice pair of jeans.

Well thankfully, we were approached by SAVE MY JEANS to bring attention to their new Kickstarter project which launched today!) which aims to solve this issue. This new product is designed to make the problematic areas of jeans more resistant to abrasion and ultimately make jeans last longer.

Save My Jeans Usage


SAVE MY JEANS is designed by Food Scientist, Hyun, who works at Korean food lab Limburg Lab & Factory who was inspired by his own personal tearing issues with jeans. Hyun created a denim-coating agent derived primarily for soy-beans, that when applied to denim protects it from abrasion and general wear and tear.

Why Do Jeans Tear?

The number one reason holes appear in jeans is through abrasion, which this product effectively deals with. But a contributing factor to the wear and tear is the salt in sweat that weaken the denim fibres and leaves them vulnerable to abrasion. Thankfully, the WEAR MY JEANS solution is also waterproof and mitigates the impact of sweat on your jeans, in addition to the increased durability.


The solution is packaged into something akin to glue of stick and is applied in the same manner. Simply put, if there is an ara on your jeans that is prone to wear and tear, you can apply this product to increase its durability.

Before you apply it, the company recommend that’s you apply hairdryer heat to the product before pushing it up like you would a stick of glue.

Once that is done, all you have to do is lightly coat the area for around 10 seconds every few days (this is if you’re wearing them very frequently) and according to their real-world testing, you will see significant improvements in the lifetime of the jeans.

Save My Jeans being Applied

The best way to apply the product is the wear the jeans and then apply it. This way the jeans will tight against your body and allow to more easily apply it.

You do not need to apply much at all and make sure that you apply it lightly. If any leftover solution is present on the jean then just a hairdryer and apply light heat to it and it will dissipate.

Is This Product Effective?

This product has been rigorously tested by the company but also by 200 real-world testers. According to the data presented by the company:

  • 43% of people reported no holes in their jeans at all,
  • 36% of people reported that the wear was reduced,
  • 16% of people reported that they didn’t often use the product but it appeared to work
  • 4% reported it was difficult to gauge the effect

In addition to this, the company has also tested the product with sanding machines to simulate long-term wear and tear and reported that the SAVE MY JEANS made significant improvements to the durability of the fabric. Areas without the coating showed damage in 5 seconds. In comparison, it took 20 seconds before any damage was shown on the fabric coated in SAVE MY JEANS.

Environmental Commitments

As part of the product development, there have been strong commitments to ensuring as little impact on the environment as possible. Jeans are responsible for significant environmental damage, so the function of the product is of great benefit already, but the make-up of the product is also environmentally friendly. Here are some steps that have been taken:

Long-lasting design

The ingredients of this product do not deteriorate or deform even after a long time. This product has no expiration date.

Reusability and recyclability

Paper containers are Eco-friendly products that decompose on the ground and do not produce harmful ingredients.

Sustainable materials

Soybean is the main ingredient of this product.

Environmentally friendly factories

The products are mixed in an Eco-friendly certified factory.

Final Thoughts

We’ve all had holes in our jeans and we’ve all felt the cost or the embarrassment of this happening. IF there is an environmentally product that increases the durability of jeans, then I’m all for it! Fast fashion is a big issue that doesn’t get enough attention and SAVE MY JEANS can play a small but effective part in creating a more sustainable and long-term fashion culture. If this product is of interest you, then make sure to check out their Kickstarter and show some support!


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