XCAN Tools Review – More Than a Vehicle Phone Mount

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XCAN Tools: More Than a Vehicle Phone Mount

Smartphones have become such an important part of people’s lives that it’s no wonder we use it all the time and for almost everything – even when driving. You can now talk, navigate, and play music when you’re on the road. However, you can only do that safely with a phone holder.  

A vehicle phone holder is a vital accessory when you have to access your phone while driving. But to make sure it doesn’t cause you any accidents, you have to choose a product that can hold your phone securely without causing any damage to your device. You also have to make sure that it doesn’t block your view and it’s not too distracting. Now, you can stop here and get a simple holder where you can place your phone. But if you’re looking for a more convenient vehicle phone holder, then you should give XCAN a try. 


The XCAN is the latest car technology from CNA, a New York-based start-up company that focuses on lifestyle products. It is a wireless phone holder that’s a little unique from other phone holders and it will be launching on Kickstarter very soon

So what is the XCAN?

For many of us, once we get to the car, we plug our phones to let it charge, put it on the phone holder, secure it with the clamps, and open an application. This is quite a process when you have to do it every day and every time you enter your vehicle. But with the XCAN, you simply have to dock your phone and it will do the rest.

XCAN is a car phone holder that opens and closes on its own, automatically opens your navigation application, and charges your phone wirelessly. It is a sleek accessory that can make using your phone while in the car even easier.  


To know more about what this accessory can offer you, let’s discuss the features often highlighted by the company. 

Automatic Navigation

One of the biggest selling points of XCAN is its automatic navigation feature. It is designed to automatically open your navigation when you place the phone on the holder. This works well with Android devices through the “XCAN Tools” app which is, unfortunately, only available in Google Play at the moment. So we’re hoping the company can make it available on AppStore soon. But even without the app, the XCAN will still prompt Apple users if they would like to launch Google Maps for navigation. 

Integrated NFC

This phone holder has built-in NFC and this the reason why it can launch your navigation. This feature can sense your phone when it’s docked. It can also launch an app, open a website, and connect to wifi. You can expand its use by setting up rules within the XCAN software. 

High-speed Wireless Charging

Once your phone is docked on the holder, it will automatically charge. You don’t have to plug in any cable or turn on any switch, considering of course that you have already set up the phone holder in your car.

FOD Sensor 

CNA incorporated a FOD sensor in their design so your phone will never fall. This technology allows the device to recognize only digital signals. Thus, it won’t respond to your hands or other things. This feature will prevent the side clamps to open when you accidentally flash your hand over the device or do any movement around it. This way, your phone has a lower chance of falling. But if you need to take your phone out without turning off the ignition, there are also two small sensors on each side that you can use to open the clamps.

Automatic Clamps

To make it even better, the XCAN automatically embraces your phone once it senses it. We especially love this feature since many car mounts were difficult to clamp and unclamp. So with this device, you really don’t need to do anything but to place the phone on the holder.

The clamps are also very reliable in keeping your phone safe and secure. So you don’t have to worry about any road bumps, potholes, or dirt roads. And when you turn off the engine, the clamps will open. So again, no need to do anything. 

To be clear, your phone will stay on the dock even when the clips open up. The tacky stand at the bottom will prevent it from falling. However, if you’re worried that your car makes a little more vibration than others, you can always get your phone before turning off your engine. 

Now, phone holders that automatically closes and opens aren’t new. Most newer models have this ability such as the Topwan Wireless Car Charger and the CTYBB Qi Auto-Clamping Phone Holder. However, we especially like the XCAN since it can handle small to large phones with no problem. 


The XCAN is a lot more simple and discreet compared to the Topwan Wireless Car Charger, which is a great thing. Following a black color throughout, this phone holder looks very sleek and solid from the front. However, we must point out the transparent phone holder at the bottom which looks really tacky and somewhat out of place. Also, the back of the XCAN features more plastic and not the good-looking type. But other than that, everything looks fine.

This accessory comes with 2 mounting options. You can mount it to your car using suction cups. But if you’re not a fan of those, it also comes with a clip mount so you can attach it to your vehicle’s vent. These two features a ball joint mechanism that easily snaps into the cradle and tightened in place once you select an orientation. This design also means you can twist and turn your phone however you want it.   

While the XCAN isn’t flawless in terms of design, it seems to be well-made. But more importantly, it can get the job done.  


The XCAN does what other vehicle phone mounts can do. However, it has added features and technologies, making it more functional and more convenient. It has a firm grip that can help protect, secure, and keep your phone in place. So overall, it is the perfect accessory to hold your costly and very valuable smartphone. 


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