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If you are anything like us, then it can be hard to get yourself to the gym consistently. Worse yet, it can be even more difficult if you’re just starting a new workout routine and you’re not sure where to get started. You could always hire a personal trainer or fitness consultant, but when one considers how much these resources cost, it doesn’t make things any easier.

Lucky for us, many fitness wearables have developed useful sports coaching features over the years. The idea behind these products is this: instead of paying hundreds of dollars for an expensive personal trainer, why not let an affordable smart device be your fitness coach instead? There are dozens of companies creating digital sports coaching devices, but our favourite options are still the products created by the innovative team at Moov.

While the original Moov one of our favourite fitness wearables when it first hit the market, the Moov Now leaves its predecessor in the dust. Where the original Moov was a great on-wrist sports coach designed for activities ranging from running to boxing, the Moov Now is able to deliver all of these useful features plus a whole lot more.

To sweeten the deal, all of the features previously provided by Moov in six separate applications are now all under one roof, making the Moov Now an excellent option for anyone looking to invest in a fitness wearable that is part coach, part activity tracker.

Best-in-Class Activity Tracking

After users requested that step and sleep tracking be added to their next-generation device, Moov added these great features to their newest fitness wearable. This aspects of the device are great, with the most impressive addition being the ability to track activity throughout the day.

With the ability to track steps, active minutes per day, and sleep at night, Moov Now users are able to get a much better grasp on their daily fitness habits. While the activity tracking is slightly basic when compared to the likes of Fitbit and Apple Watch, it is a welcome feature. As of this review, you can’t dive into advanced fitness information or sleep stats, but we anticipate that these features will be added at a later date through a software update.

Motivational Sports Coaching: Anytime, Anywhere

The activity tracking features provided by the Moov Now might not be cutting edge, but we didn’t expect them to be. After all, Moov has always been touted as a sports coach first, fitness wearable second.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast like me, then it is hard to understate the importance of the coaching element. After all, a regular running watch is not a coach, and it will not make you a better athlete.

In the companion app for the Moov Now, running and biking get the most coaching resources, while swimming and boxing sessions can be tracked and reported. (However, keep in mind that if you want to use Moov to track boxing workouts, you’ll have to purchase two Moov Now devices, one for each arm).

In addition to sports coaching and workout tracking, Moov features a number of training plans custom-built to help you achieve your fitness goals, with a voice coach providing helpful feedback in real-time. For example, when you use the Moov Now while running, you can select a training plan focused on either efficiency, intervals, or open training.

This is the stuff that hardcore runners want and need, but it’s presented in a way that won’t scare away new athletes either. Overall, Moov provides a great selection of training plans for all levels of fitness ability.

Moov Now: The Best Fitness Device Out There

The Moov Now packs such a punch that it was a challenge for us to distill all of its great offerings into a single post. Thanks to a smaller device size, improved wrist strap, and six months of battery life, the Moov Now can easily be considered one of the best fitness wearables currently available.

When it comes to providing functionality for everyone (from dedicated fitness freaks to novice athletes), we argue that this is the best fitness device out there today. It is geared towards helping anyone become better at the sports they love, rather than simply reporting back some statistics that tell you how you did.

Due to this fact, it is an easy and exciting device to fall in love with, and we think that it is exactly what wearable technology should be about. Yet, we must keep in mind that no device is perfect, not even the world’s most advanced fitness wearable.

One of the major downsides of the Moov Now is that users must carry their smartphone with them for it to work. This can present a hassle for activities like swimming, while presenting less of an issue for more common pursuits such as running or general workout activities.

Still, just as with the original Moov, there is still no other device out there that can match the Moov Now in terms of potential fitness benefits. All things considered, we truly believe that this is the best fitness wearable available in Australia (or anywhere else in the world) today.

Where Can I Find The Lowest Moov Now Price?

Now that we have determined that this is the best fitness wearable out there, it’s time to help you figure out the best way to go about getting a Moov Now of your own. Thankfully, there are plenty of Moov Now retailers throughout Australia, so finding one near you shouldn’t present much of an issue.

For starters, we suggest looking online for deals from digital retailers like Amazon (which often carries the Moov Now at less than full price). If you’re more interested in purchasing your fitness wearable in-person, we suggest heading over to your nearest sporting goods store. After all, since the Moov Now is such an awesome fitness wearable, chances are that a store near you will have one in stock.