5 Must-Have Gadget and Accessories for Your Grow Room

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Hydroponic systems are amazing when it comes to growing a bountiful crop in limited space. The way they function makes it easy to maximize the yield even if you have space issues. The grow rooms in a hydroponic system act as the space where plants can be arranged and grown by creating favourable conditions. This can be done by supplying enough light, water, nutrients, and correct temperature.

But to provide your plants with these essential elements, you need some important gadgets and accessories that help plant growth. You’ll need anything from a small Ph meter, all the way up to a ventilation system! Here are some must-have grow-room essentials that will fast-pace the growth of your plants:

Hydroponic Grow Lights

If you have an outdoor hydroponic system, the sun will provide the right amount of natural light that your plants can utilize for their growth. But in an indoor grow room, you need to have appropriate hydroponic grow lights to power plant growth. But choosing the right to grow light is essential. Too powerful a light can generate too much heat, subsequently damaging the plants; too little can hamper their growth as the environment becomes too cold. All light systems have four parts – bulb, reflector hood, remote ballast, and timer.

While hydroponic LED grow lights are the most preferred ones, you can choose the right bulb depending on your crop. Decide on how much power you need to provide to the plants depending on whether they are long-day plants, short-day plants, or day-neutral. Reflector hoods increase the efficiency of the bulbs; remote ballasts power the bulbs, and timers ensure switching on and off of the bulbs. These four elements, combined, are an important piece of hydroponic gadget that will power your system.

Hydroponic Grow Tents

Grow tents are enclosed structures lined with material that reflects heat and light and are equipped to provide proper ventilation. Hydroponic grow tents make it possible to grow all kinds of crops, all-year-round in an indoor setup. They boost photosynthesis, create a controlled environment, are neater and easier to handle, and are cost-effective. There are several kinds of grow tents available, but you can choose the right one depending on the amount of space you have, your budget, and the crop you wish to grow.

When thinking of buying a hydroponic grow tent, keep in mind that it is well-ventilated, provides a good support system for your plants, has enough space, and doesn’t require too many add-ons. A grow tent, complete with proper lighting, air-circulation, support, and space for plants, is ideal for indoor plant growth. With them, you won’t need to invest in other grow room accessories.

Hydroponic Water Chillers

Most hydroponic systems tend to heat up due to the grow lights or other weather conditions. This can also heat the water and the nutrient solution in the reservoir where the roots are submerged. Warm water or nutrient solution is not conducive for plant growth as they become low on oxygen levels, eventually providing less oxygen to the roots than required. This is why it is important to invest in a hydroponic water chiller.

These are like mini-refrigerators that maintain the temperature of the water and nutrient solution so that the plants get enough oxygen. Low water temperature also amounts to less or no growth of pathogens that are extremely harmful to the plants. Water chillers also help in creating the perfect temperature in your grow room so that you can enjoy a bountiful harvest. Invest in a water chiller that is high on performance, made of the right material, fits your budget, and is eco-friendly.

Hydroponic Heaters

Your plants require the right temperature to grow well. If the water is too cold, it can damage the plants; hot water can also adversely impact their growth. While most hydroponic systems are equipped with water chillers as there is an overall tendency of the system to heat up, what many people tend to ignore is the importance of water heaters. They are even more important in geographical areas that get harsh winters.

Any system, if out of temperature balance, can disable the plant growth, and this is why it is wise to invest in proper hydroponic heaters. Depending on your requirement, you can choose heaters based on their power, performance, heating capabilities, etc.

Ventilation system

No living organisms can survive without proper ventilation, and plants are no exception. When it comes to creating a proper ventilation system, few essentials are needed. It should maintain proper circulation of air between the outside world and the indoor grow room. Most ventilation systems use a combination of hydroponic exhaust fans, ducts or pipes, and circulation fans to maintain the airflow. For any hydroponic system, proper ventilation is an essential grow room accessory that you should add to the list. They maintain the optimum level of CO2 in the grow room, keep appropriate humidity levels, manage heat and pest control.

Hydroponic systems are great to grow organic greens in a limited space, and they optimize the crop. But without the above-mentioned grow room essentials, you may not achieve the desired results. So, to reap the benefits that hydroponic farming provides, it is essential to invest in the right hydroponic supplies and create a grow room system that fully supports plant growth.


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