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Briiv Air Filter Review – Natural Air Filtration

Regular cleaning is crucial to keeping you and your family healthy. But while you may scrub and wipe your home from top to bottom, there’s very little you can do when it comes to keeping your air clean if you don’t have the right equipment. So to ensure a better and healthier life for everyone in your home, consider investing in an air purifier. However, if none of the air purifiers in the market are appealing to you - either because they are too big, bulky, or just doesn’t look right to you - then the Briiv may just be what you are waiting for
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The Briiv is self-proclaimed as the “world’s most sustainable air purifier.” It was launched on Kickstarter in April 2020 and received an impressive £183,818 or more than AU$328,000 by the end of its campaign. It was then launched on Indiegogo where it continued to rake in money, receiving almost twice as much funding as it did on Kickstarter.


So what made the Briiv such a hit? Let’s find out with this review. Can’t read the whole thing? Just click on any of the links below to skip to that section.


The Briiv is a beautiful air purifier that would fit perfectly in every home. It is an ingenious innovation that proves plant-based air purifiers can be both sustainable and effective.


  • Uses low energy
  • Biodegradable filters
  • Very beautiful
  • Low maintenance


  • Can be less effective than air purifiers with HEPA filters


The biggest difference between most air purifiers today and the Briiv is their filters. Briiv uses 100% natural and renewable materials for its filter to create clean and safe air for you to breathe. On the other hand, most of the products in the market uses HEPA filters, which are considered to be the gold standard for indoor air purifiers.

That said, most air purifiers with HEPA filters are more effective in removing particulates. For instance, the and the can capture 99.97% of microscopic pollutants and allergens. Briiv, on the other hand, rates lower with 97.84%. However, the problem with HEPA filters is that they can’t be recycled and they take millennia to decompose. Worst, 6,000 tons of such filters are sent to the landfill every year. Can you just imagine the environmental impact of using them? So if you want to help the planet while still achieve cleaner air at home, choose Briiv.

Aside from its eco-friendliness, Briiv is also affordable. At £249 or around AU$445, it is cheaper than popular medium air purifiers such as Blueair Pro M , Dyson TP04, and Molekule Air Mini+ .

Briiv looking really nice


Biodegradable Filters

Briiv is equipped with four filters, which can degrade and return to earth in just a matter of months. To help you understand better how it works, here are the filter stages:

  1. Moss: This natural dried moss will capture large particulates, including animal dander and dust in the air. Can filter PM10 (pollen and allergens).
  2. Coconut: The coconut husk is responsible for trapping harmful substances present in the air. Filters PM5.0 (bacteria and mold spores).
  3. Carbon: The activated charcoal will pull and absorb the odor in the room. This allows Briiv to not only improve your indoor air quality but also make it smell better. This layer is responsible for filtering VOCs (harmful gases).
  4. Nanofibers: This is the secret weapon of Briiv. This type of filter was developed originally for the medical industry to remove the finest harmful particles in the air. It is made of raw silk from moth cocoons. Nanofibers can filter PM 0.3 (harmful fine dust). It is worth noting that the company changed this last filter. On the Kickstarter campaign, the Briiv used sheep’s wool – which was based on what NASA used for air filters in the Orion capsule.

You can change the moss and coconut after a year, the carbon after 6 months, and the nanofibers after 3 to 6 months. A year’s set of filters costs £30 or more than AU$50, so make sure to add that to your total costs.

Maximizing the Benefits of Plants

1 Briiv is the equivalent of having 3,043 medium-sized house plants. So you can enjoy the benefits of having plants in your home without having to worry about watering.

Internet of Things

Want to integrate your air purifier into your smart home? No problem. The Briiv is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.



Dimension (Diameter x Height) 160 mm (6.3”) x 220 mm (8.6”)
Weight 900g (1.9 lbs)
Power 5V 1A Supply Regional Plug
USB Cable Length 1.5 m (5ft)
Filter Efficiency 97.84%
Noise Rating 45dB
Area Coverage 36m² (387ft²)

Noise is one of the things you should look out for when buying an air purifier. Devices that are too loud can be a bother, especially when you need to rest. For reference, a noise rating of 50dB is similar to that of a refrigerator. So anything over may be too loud for comfort. Luckily, Briiv has a noise rating of 45db, which is equivalent to a quiet office. This is quieter than the Blueair Pro M, which operates on 55dB on high setting.

Another great thing about the Briiv is its low power consumption. At 5V, it is one of the most energy-saving devices around, allowing you to save money down the line. To compare, the Dyson Pure Cool TP04 runs at 140V. There’s also the Molekule Air Mini, which has a smaller coverage area but uses more power at 100 to 240V.


The design and aesthetics are what we love most about the Briiv. With all the filters neatly assembled inside a glass terrarium, it has a very minimalist look that would go well in any part of your home. It is small, consumes less space, and looks nothing like the big and bulky air purifiers you might be used to.

What’s It Like to Use

Briiv is incredibly easy to use. Just set it up, pair your phone, and select the speed setting. Through the app, you can also set the timer and switch the device off remotely. More importantly, the app will allow you to track your filters so you know exactly when to change them.

If you have a smart home, you can also pair it with Alexa or Google Assistant. Simple and convenient. The best part is, the Briiv requires zero maintenance. So unlike other eco-friendly air purifiers, such as the NATEDE air purifier, you don’t need to water it. The only thing you have to do is change the filters when it’s time. Then after changing, you can throw the filters in your garden or compost to allow it to become part of the earth again.



If you are looking for a beautiful air purifier that looks nothing like most air-cleaning machines today, then the Briiv is your best choice. Using what seems to be a tiny forest, this is a modern, smart, low-maintenance, and more natural-looking device that can help improve your indoor air quality. It can even improve the overall look and feel of a room. On top of that, by choosing Briiv, you get to help nature and the environment too.

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