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Broombi Review: A Modern Broom for Easier Cleaning

The Broombi functions a bit like one of those big rubber floor wipers, catching dirt, spills, and anything between that’s along its path. Its four-blade edge makes sure you don’t miss anything with every swipe and the flexible frame guarantees a long life with countless uses.
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Broombi is an odd-looking broom that’s a major shift from what we’ve come to expect. But its design certainly isn’t just for the shock factor, as its innovative four-blade edge and flexible frame allow you to clean more effectively and effortlessly than ever before. If you’re in search of a better sweeping experience, let the Broombi be the one to take you there.


  • Sweeps up dirt and messes a lot better than a conventional broom
  • Adjustable handle is useful when it comes to hard to reach areas
  • Effective at cleaning out dust and fur from carpets


  • Makes a bit of a squeaky sound on some surfaces

Looking to take your broom game to the next level? Do away with the corn and brush brooms that spread dirt everywhere and are completely useless against liquid messes. This plastic and silicon-based tool claims that it can help you sweep up anything from pet fur to a coffee spill and it does so without any added effort.

And to top it all off, you can wash it off in a jiffy and it’ll be ready for use right away. Is this truly the broom of the future? Or is it another infomercial product that promises way more than it can deliver? Stick around and find out, in this Broombi review.

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Broombi aims to overcome the limitations of your garden-variety broom by incorporating a cutting-edge blade design, flexible frame, and versatile handle, allowing you to clean up all kinds of dirt, spills, and messes with the same tool. Unlike brush-type brooms that spread as much dust and dirt as they clean, Broombi uses its scientific design to suck in dust particles to make it that much more effective at keeping your home tidy.

It doesn’t just work on smooth surfaces either. This broom works just as well on rugs, carpets, and fragile surfaces like mirrors and windows. Looks like you can throw out your squeegee, the Broombi seems to have that job handled. The blade does make a bit of a squeaky noise on certain surfaces, though, which might be a tad irritating to some people.

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Broombi cleaning


Four-blade Silicon Edge

The blade contains polyolefin elastomers (POE) which are rubber-like materials that are great at generating static electricity. This helps attract the tiniest dust particles and makes clearing your home that much more thorough. Since it’s a rubberish substance, it also allows you to clean up liquids and slimy messes without much trouble. To top it all off, the four-blade mechanism makes the Broombi four times more effective at sweeping up, leaving nothing behind in its wake.

Flexible frame

These sturdy heads are resistant to both heat and cold, and they were built to be used more than 50,000 times. They won’t require any replacing and they’re remarkably flexible, allowing them to bend extensively in whatever direction without breaking.

Lightweight Aluminium Handle

Broombi’s aluminium handle ensures that it’s both amazingly lightweight yet wonderfully tough, allowing you to easily wield it with one hand for whatever cleaning needs to be done. The handle can also be extended up to an impressive 55 inches, making it easy to get to those difficult to reach spots.

Works On a Variety of Surfaces

Most brooms work best on flat, smooth surfaces, leaving you forced to buy special brushes and tools for the other messes you often come across. Not the Broombi. This guy works perfectly on carpets and rugs, letting you clean out deep-seated dirt and pet fur without the added hassle. It also does a squeegee’s job quite well, so you can use it to clean up your household mirror and windows too.

Easy To Clean

Once you’re done with all the cleaning, the last thing you’d want is to have a hard time cleaning the broom itself. Luckily enough, Broombi has no such problem. You just need to run some water over it for a few seconds and it’s good as new.

Broombi being used


Broombi is your run-of-the-mill metallic broom handle attached to what resembles a skeletal fish fin. It’s a bit odd-looking, no doubt, especially since people have associated brooms primarily with the bristly kind.

It’s not bad looking at all though, with a colour scheme that matches the frame with the top and bottom parts of the handle, while the blade is a darker shade of grey. It comes in three colours, light grey, baby pink, and a very bright shade of aquamarine. The latter of the three is especially easy on the eyes.

Broombi Kickstarter

How Does it Work

The Broombi’s blade is crafted out of POE materials, giving it a static charge whenever it touches a surface. This helps it attract the minute dust and dirt particles around the house, making for a deeper clean overall. The edge also sports four blades, allowing it to catch anything the first couple of blades miss

Next, you’ve got the flexible yet incredibly sturdy frame that ensures years of usage without breaking or deforming. The handle is extendable as well, so you can easily get to those hard to reach areas with only one hand since the entire handle is made out of lightweight aluminium. Once you’re done with all the cleaning, you can just run some water across the blade and your Broombi will be nice and clean.


Broombi works under a simple premise – take the conventional broom head and replace it with something more useful and effective. With that in mind, it certainly has achieved its goal, introducing us to an improved cleaning experience that’s no longer limited to smooth floors and solid messes.

This broom can easily clean spills and dirty mirrors and can even clear out all those pesky dog hairs that have called your carpet home all these years. It also clears out the dust around the house better than an old-fashioned broom ever could. To further sweeten the deal, the Broombi is both tough and flexible, allowing it to remain by your side for years down the line.

It’s a bit noisy on some surfaces on account of its rubbery head, but it’s not something that’ll drive you nuts or anything like that. If you’ve grown sick and tired of sweeping the floors of your home every other day, perhaps it’s time you gave the Broombi a whirl.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.


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