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Cooly: Portable Air Conditioning That Actually Isn’t Bad?

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Does your occupation require you to work in extremely hot conditions? Maybe you’re into outdoor activities but can’t tolerate the heat? If so, then this might just be the gadget you need: the Cooly.


Cooly offers a decent 4000mAh battery capacity and an impressive motor, which can run at 5000rpm max power. It’s also lighter and smaller compared to other similar products. Overall, Cooly is a portable and completely hands-free waist fan that can provide you strong and cool air whenever and wherever without weighing you down.



  • Powerful motor
  • Can clip onto waistbands/belts as well as your shirt
  • Light and compact
  • Hands-free


  • Lower battery capacity compared to others

The newest wearable cooler on the market, Cooly allows air to flow under your clothes to keep you feeling cool and fresh whenever and wherever. It is wearable with a clipping design, so you can simply let it hang on your belt or pocket. As a result, both of your hands are free to continue with your tasks and activities – but the same can be said about every portable fan. So what makes the Cooly different? Let’s find out here.

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For some jobs, the heat can be so unbearable that it can start affecting one’s productivity and health. This is especially true for those who work under the sun, on construction sites, in the kitchen, and the frontline workers who have to endure long hours in their full PPE gears.

Now, using portable fans is one way to alleviate some of the discomfort brought upon by the heat. But the problem with some of these products is that they can’t put out enough air to keep you comfortable. Some also don’t last long and are not practical. For instance, portable fans that go around your neck are not advisable for those working in the hospital. Can you just imagine blowing COVID straight into your face? Furthermore, necklace fans tend to bounce around your chest when moving. Thus, making them impossible to walk and work around with.

To address these issues, Cooly Group Inc. came up with a smart portable fan that’s light and can clip on your waist or belt. Thus, making it a better hands-free option. It also promises 3-level wind speeds and a high-capacity battery for a longer cooling time.

Unfortunately, you would have to pay more for Cooly than with other portable fans. It has a retail price of US$63, which is a lot more expensive than similar products like the Opolar Mini Waist Clip-on Fan and COMLIFE Portable Mini Waist Fan. Even its discounted price on Kickstarter, which starts at US$38 for Super Early Bird backers, is still pricier than other portable fans.


Fixation Clip

To make it truly hands-free, the Cooly is equipped with fixation clips that allow you to keep the device in place. There’s a clip specifically designed to go with your pants’ waistbands or belt and a top clip to hold your shirt, allowing air to freely flow under your clothes and preventing any disturbance with the air suction process. This design also prevents the chance of your clothes getting stuck in the device.

Wind Covers

Want to cover the device with your shirt? No problem. The Cooly comes with wind covers that will adjust the flow of air without affecting its cooling capabilities. This way, you can stay cool and fresh without compromising your style.

3-Level Wind Speed

Cooly features 3 level wind speeds, allowing you to adjust the wind to your liking. At level 1, the fan generates airflow at 3600rpm and level 2 at 4300rpm. If you want it cooler, you can set it at level 3, where the motor will run at 5000rpm. With these figures, Cooly has a more powerful motor than the COMLIFE Waist Fan, which has a max speed of only 4200rpm. As a result, it can provide you with faster and cooler airflow.

On the flip side, due to its more powerful motor, the Cooly is also louder than others. Running at level 1, the device will produce around 66 to 67dB, 71dB at level 2, and 76dB at the highest setting. To give you an idea, a quiet office has a noise level of 50dB and a vacuum cleaner at 75dB. COMLIFE also has a noise level of only 6 to 17dB, which is significantly lower than Cooly.


Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.03 x 1.41 x 3.97 inches
  • White + (Silver / Rose Gold)
  • Black + (Black / Dark Metal / Rose Gold)
Input Specification DC/5V 1.5A
Charging Time Approx. 2 to 3 hours
Weight 5.99oz (0.17kg)
Motor Speed
  • 3600rpm
  • 4300rpm
  • 5000rpm
USB Cable Length 3.28ft
Battery Capacity 4000mAh

Compared to other portable fans, Cooly is significantly lighter and smaller. It’s only 3.97 inches high and 1.41 inches thick while the Opolar Waist fan measures 4.4 inches high and 1.7 inches thick. Additionally, it only weighs 0.17kg while the COMLIFE is at 7.8oz or 0.22kg. Some of the most popular smartphones today, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max (0.22kg) and Samsung Galaxy S21+ (0.2kg), are also heavier than Cooly.

However, Cooly’s smaller and lighter design may have come with a price, specifically with its battery. While its 4000mAh capacity can provide a decent 6.5 hours of cooling in the lowest speed setting and 4 hours in the mid, its 2.5 hours running time on the highest setting isn’t too impressive. To compare, the COMLIFE fan is equipped with a 5000mAh rechargeable battery while the Opolar Waist Fan has been upgraded to 6000mAh. In the lowest setting, COMLIFE can last up to 20 hours and 23 hours for Opolar.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of Cooly over other similar products is its overall aesthetics. Offered in black and white, it looks better than both the COMLIFE and Opolar waist fans. Its fixation clips and wind covers also add convenience and style to users. And since it is compact and lighter, it’s easier to carry and wear around your waist or belt while moving around. So if you’re looking for a portable fan that will provide you with a truly hands-free experience, then the Cooly is certainly a good option.

Final Thoughts

While it isn’t the quietest, cheapest, or the one with the biggest battery capacity, Cooly is equipped with the most powerful motor. So if you want to cool down faster, this is the portable fan for you. Additionally, Cooly is lighter and more compact than other portable waist fans on the market. This makes it a more practical choice for those who need to cool down while still being able to continue with their tasks.

Faster, powerful, and truly hands-free, Cooly is a great option for a portable fan. With it, you can lower your body temperature quickly and prevent any discomfort while traveling, camping, fishing, running, walking, cooking, and/or working.


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