New To Snapchat? Here Are A Few Cool Tricks To Help You Out

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Snapchat stands alone and distinct with a loyal fan base in a world of numerous social media apps. And why not? The messaging app is a pioneer in multimedia messaging and has successfully revolutionized the way we send images, videos and communicate with our peers. A lot of other social media apps and messaging services have tried to ape the features from Snapchat over the past few years to increase their userbase. But ever since its launch in 2011, Snapchat continues to stay ahead of the market and its competition.

Two Accounts

Every business person and social media manager has two social and messaging accounts. One is what they use for their personal profile, and the other is for work. If you are struggling with two phones for your work and personal profile, that’s not a struggle you would face with Snapchat. The dual snapchat messenger function lets users chat and use two different Snapchat accounts from the same mobile.

To use two accounts at the same time, you need to install the Parallel Space app on your phone and log in to your Snapchat accounts. As the switch is seamless and instant, you can post on your work and personal account at the same time without having to log out from one of the accounts to access the other. Neither do you have to carry two phones around just for your social and messaging accounts.

Make 3D paintings

Snapchat has yet again proven to be the leader in multimedia messaging. While most platforms are now adapting to stickers in conversations, Snapchat has introduced 3D paintings backed by augmented reality as features to the app. All you need to do is select “3D Paint” on the app, select the 3D lens, select the location where you wish to paint, and press your screen. There are numerous brushes that you can choose from. You can get creative and experiment with the rainbow, metallic, neon, iridescent, and matte brushes. Based on the painting you are working on, you can change the brush thickness, size, color, etc.

Try Filters

Snapchat and filters are almost synonymous for most users. Snapchat users were playing around with filters long before Instagram even thought about it and made it popular among a wider user base. There are two ways to add filters to a Snapchat post and make it attractive. The first is the traditional or popular way of swiping left or right while clicking pictures and selecting a filter from the options you see.

The recent update has given filters a fun new twist. You can now add filters by clicking on the smiley icon beside the recording button. You can browse from existing filters and use them, or you could create your own filter. Yes, you can now create your own filter by tapping on the “create” option by adjusting the colors and intensity of the filters. In other words, Snapchat filters are now a reflection of your creativity as the only limit here is your imagination.


Move over using Emojis in your chat that do not convey your emotions accurately. You can create Bitmojis, which is a personalized cartoon avatar of you. You can also create a Bitmoji of two or more people, which is called the Friendmoji. You can use these Bitmojis in numerous places on Snapchat. The Snap Map Status is a way to tell your friends where you are by sharing your location. You can now customize it with your Bitmoji and let them see what is happening around you.

The Bitmojis can be customized to match your different moods, emotions, and expressions. Besides customizing it for your emotions and features, you can also change the skin tone of it to match your natural skin color rather than using the Simpsons yellow because no healthy person should look from the Simpsons family built out of Lego. Once you customize your Bitmoji, it’s hard not to fall in love with it, so go that extra mile and use the merchandise store, Bitmoji merch, on the app to order clothes and accessories with your Bitmojis on it.


Similar to Instagram Reels, Snapchat also lets you add music to your Snaps. Once you select a Snap to post, click on the music icon and scroll through the various songs available. You could position the song and decide where you want the song to begin or end. You could also use plain music if that’s what you prefer. Background music can be added to Snaps you send directly to your friends and your public stories.

Snapchat understands your love for music and has integrated Shazaam’s song finder into the app. This means you can find out what’s the song that’s keeping you up all night. If you hear a nice song while passing a random coffee shop and you are curious what song it is, the Song Finder can help you with this too.

Product Finder

Snapchat has numerous features that could make it seem like the only app that you would ever need. It has features like a Product finder which can help you click pictures of products and barcodes and shop for them online. Once you scan the product or the barcode, it takes you to, and you can scroll through the products to find relevant items and order your products. This is just like a music finder, and works like your personal shopping assistant by helping you get your hands on things you see and love, but not sure where to find them.

Math Solver

Snapchat is not just for entertainment. It can help you with problem-solving too. Yes, problem-solving. Snapchat has a Math Solver feature, which lets you find solutions event to the most complex equations. All you need to do is write down the equation, press the Math Solver option, and scan the problem. Photomath will give you the solution.

You might be awestruck and realize that you found your most favorite app! Besides this, Snapchat has numerous amazing features which make it the go-to app for conversations, video sharing, music, shopping, and problem-solving. To make the best use of the app, spend ample time, explore, and try out the different features it has to offer.


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