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NightBuds Review – Get Better Sleep With Super Comfy Earbuds

Sleep is vital to your overall health and well-being. It allows you to recharge your body, preparing it for the next day. However, while you probably already know how important sleep is, sometimes getting a good night’s rest becomes too difficult. In such instances, you may need a little help - which the NightBuds can give you.
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NightBuds Quick Review


Having difficulty sleeping? NightBuds may just be the answer you are looking for. They are soft, tiny, and comfortable earphones that offer 4D audio, coaching, and tips to help you sleep better. With them, you can block out noise, traffic, and even your partner’s snoring.



  • Audio adapts to you – fading out, auto-pause, and bookmarking your place
  • Noise-masking
  • Comfortable


  • Not entirely snug for larger ears

NightBuds are tiny headphones that work with an app to sense your sleep and look after you while relaxing. They are the follow-up product to Kokoon’s hugely successful sleep headphones, which were commercially launched in 2018.

To date, NightBuds has already received US$2,401,661 in both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. What made this project such a hit? Let’s find out here.

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There are many reasons why you may experience difficulty sleeping – noisy neighbors or environment, stress, or active mind. No matter the reason, NightBuds can help you get the sleep you need to be ready for the next day.

As mentioned, Kokoon has already come up with its sleep headphones back in 2018. But the problem with that was their size. They were too bulky, making them impossible to use when sleeping on your side. To fix this, NightBuds were made to be small, thin, and light so you can wear them through the night in any position. They’re even smaller and slimmer than the most popular products around, including the Amazfit ZenBuds and Bose Sleepbuds II.

Unfortunately, such comfort will cost you a lot. NightBuds has a list price of around US$279 while Bose Sleepbuds II is cheaper at US$249.95. Amazfit ZenBuds are even cheaper at US$149.99.

The good news is, NightBuds are offered at a huge discount on Indiegogo. From US$279, you can experience these tiny sleeping earphones for only US$159. So hurry before all units are claimed.

Nightbuds Review


Adaptive Audio

You can use NightBuds to listen to your favorite audio. They are compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, Audible, Soundcloud, and YouTube. So you are never short of options. Furthermore, these earphones feature sleep sensors in the right bud, which can detect your sleep and sleep quality. Such sensors will cause your audio to fade out and collect your data, including efficiency, quality, and length. These will then be sent to the app where they will be analyzed and used to summarize your daily sleep.

Sleep Coach

NightBuds will act as your sleep coach and monitor your sleep, providing you personalized coaching, tips, and insights to improve your sleep.


These sleeping earphones are designed to mask and block noise. They can help mask out your noisy neighbors, traffic, and snoring. They can even help you with tinnitus.


Aside from helping you sleep, NightBuds also act as regular Bluetooth headphones. So you can use them in bed, at the gym while working out, or on your way to the office. With them, you can watch your favorite shows, listen to music, and even answer or make calls.


Connectivity  Bluetooth 5.0
Charging USB-C
Battery  Lithium-ion 100mAh
Sleep-Tracking Optical heart rate sensor

Kokoon utilizes the PPG (Photoplethysmogram) technology. This is an optical sensor that can measure your heart rate variability and heart rate, which has been clinically proven to be related to your mental, physical, and emotional stresses. This is different from their first sleep headphones, which use EEG brainwave sensors. While different, both are effective in giving you an idea of your sleep stages – whether light sleep or deep sleep.

NightBuds are equipped with a 100mAh capacity battery that can last up to more than 10 hours. This is the same with Bose Sleepbuds II’s battery life, but lower than what the Amazfit ZenBuds can offer – which is up to 12 hours.


In terms of aesthetics, NightBuds doesn’t look as well as ZenBuds and Bose Sleepbuds II. This is because it has too much going on. To achieve the smallest size possible, Kokook moved vital parts such as the battery, electronics, and USB-C connector from the earbuds to a module at the back. The earbuds are then connected through an electrical cable with a flat spring shape. All these components lead to the back of the head, which made us a bit hesitant at first. We’ve tried many behind-the-neck earphones before, but none had a module at the back as big as this.

Surprisingly, the module was slim and small enough to not cause any discomfort. The cable also serves a purpose as it prevents the earphones from moving around. Moreover, they allow the earphones to adapt to the user’s features and stay in place no matter what, regardless of head and ear shape or size.

The Verdict

NightBuds may not be the most good-looking sleeping headphones in the market, but they sure offer one of the most comfortable and discreet earphones experience. Because of their shape, weight, and thickness, you can wear them all night without feeling any pain or irritation. On top of that, they provide effective tips and insights based solely on you.

However, NightBuds are expensive, raising the question: are they worth it? Well, this depends. For those with real problems in sleeping, $279 for a pair of earbuds that can help you sleep better may be worth it.

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