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NotNodi: The Travel Pillow That’s Not Just a Travel Pillow

The NotNodi’s headband is meant to help gently keep your head and neck on the pillow at all times, eliminating any head-bobbing while you sleep, while the connected stabilizing strap assists you in keeping a healthy posture throughout your trip. 
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The NotNodi is an innovatively designed travel pillow that mixes portability, comfort, and quality while keeping your posture in check. It pays special attention to your head, neck, and spine, leaving you feeling well-rested minus any body pain. Rocking a headband in a suit may be a little weird, but it’s definitely worth the sense of repose.



  • Breathable materials keep your head, neck, and back from getting hot and sweaty
  • Portable design makes the pillow exceedingly easy to carry around
  • Exceptionally comfortable


  • Having a headband on might feel weird for some

Tired of all the neck and back pain you get from always travelling? Sure, there’s no shortage of travel pillows out there, but a lot of them are either unwieldy, uncomfortable or end up doing more harm than good. The NotNodi does away with the conventional travel pillow design, opting for something a little more creative than the toilet seat-shaped ones we’ve grown accustomed to.

This travel pillow not only promises comfort but allegedly also provides neck and back support while keeping intrusiveness to a minimum. Is this compact cushion really a traveller’s best friend? Or is it just another gimmicky pillow that’s too good to be true? Let’s find out, in this NotNodi review.

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The NotNodi was developed by creator Nicole Halsall and her team in the hopes of providing an out-of-the-box travel pillow design that simultaneously prevents head wobbling in upright positions while still giving your head and neck the support it needs for a comfortable trip.

It’s built around the concept of a padded pillow that sits just below the back of your skull, an elastic band that gently keeps your head rested on the pillow, and a stabilizing strap that’s meant to help you maintain good posture. And when it’s not in use, the NotNodi folds up into a neat little carrying case that you can easily toss into a bag or mount on top of your travel bag.


Swappable Non-slip Headband

The NotNodi’s headband features silicon beads in its inner lining, preventing it from slipping when in use. The headband also comes in various different designs depending on your taste, giving it a welcome degree of customizability.

Adjustable Stabilizing Strap

To cater to travellers of varying heights, the pillow’s stabilizing strap can be folded and secured with a velcro strip, allowing you to adjust it for maximum comfort and relaxation. This makes it suitable for both young children and adults who are on the larger side.

Utility Pockets

Thanks to its spacious pocket, the NotNodi also acts as a carrying pouch of sorts, giving you the ability to store some of your travelling essentials, like a pair of earphones, a sleep mask, some earplugs, and more.

Made Out of Breathable Material

Whether it’s the headband, pillow, or stabilizing strap, all parts of the NotNodi are made out of breathable materials such as perforated neoprene, so you don’t have to worry about your back or neck running hot and sweaty during your trips.

Memory Foam

The pillow itself is made out of extra-soft memory foam that’s extremely comfortable for your head. Its side panels also tenderly hug the sides of your neck for increased stability and relief.

Compact Foldable Design

When not in use, the NotNodi effortlessly folds up into a little pouch about the size of a small pencil case. It even comes with a multipurpose strap along its outer layer which you can use to fasten it to your travel bag while you’re on the go.


Dimensions (Rolled up) 3 x 8 inches (8 x 20 cm)
Weight 13.4 oz (380 g)
Universal Sizing 5-year-old children to large adults (6’8”)

NotNodi on Suitcase

Build & Design

There’s nothing particularly wild about the NotNodi’s design. It’s your regular curved mini-pillow with a flat base that’s meant to sit right beneath the base of your skull. What sets it apart is its included headband – which comes in a bunch of stylish colours – and the stabilizing band that travels from the bottom of the pillow down the arch of your spine.

The headband can be a bit weird to look at and it’ll probably mess up your hairdo, but all things considered, the NotNodi still manages to be more subtle looking than your average u-shaped neck pillow. The headband itself is moisture-wicking and the rest of the pillow is made up of sturdy yet breathable materials, increasing your comfort level no matter the travel conditions and giving the product itself a long shelf life.

How Does It Work?

Using the NotNodi is delightfully simple. You start off by unfurling the pillow and leaning forward before putting on the headband. Make sure to let the stabilizing strap dangle all the way down your back. Next, you recline your head so that the pillow is touching the seat and the back of your head.

Finally, lean all the way back on your seat so that you pin the stabilizing strap with your back, ensuring that your head, neck, and posture are properly supported by the entire mechanism. And when you’re all done using the pillow, you can simply roll it up and store it away.


The NotNodi manages to provide a fresh take on the conventional neck pillow, giving travellers a comfortable trip without the ensuing neck and back pain that usually accompanies being in a seated position for extended periods of time. It’s built tough but breathable, which is great, and its portability is a huge plus given its primary use. No more carrying that toilet-seat-looking monstrosity of a pillow any longer.

The headband is a fantastic solution to head-bobbing in your sleep, though it is a bit awkward looking and will likely give you a bad case of bedhead when it’s all said and done. Either way, that’s a price I’d be glad to pay for a relaxing trip. If you’re a frequent traveller that’s tried all the pillows and are looking for something different, the NotNodi should be high up on your list


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