The Most Cool Car Gadgets

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Today’s drivers have access to a host of clever gadgets that solve car-related difficulties. This article contains both familiar and not-so-common gadgets that will make the life of any car owner easier.


Talking on the phone can cause accidents – you see it not only by social advertising but also by the daily summary of accidents on the roads. The best way to invest in your own safety is with a speakerphone. Mount this gadget in a convenient location in your car, sync it via Bluetooth to your phone – and have a hands-free conversation, not with a smartphone pressed to your ear. Ideal for models that don’t need a separate power cable and run on battery power and solar power.

Wireless Charger Gravity Car Mount

Wireless Charger Gravity Car Mount is a wireless charger that can be used as a holder. It attaches to the car deflector, and can fix your smartphone from several sides. Reliability is provided by special adjustable bindings, completely eliminating the chance of the phone falling out. The device has a small size, the design is well-thought-out, durable. The fastener on the bottom allows you to easily connect the cable without the wire to charge the gadget. With the device, you can charge and use your smartphone.

HUD projectors

Hello from the future! HUD is an acronym for “Head-Up Display”. We are talking about gadgets that project readings of devices or smartphone screens on the windshield. That is, with some reservations, allowing you to use the options of premium-class cars like provided in Lexus car rental in Dubai.

The image with all information you need is projected directly onto the windshield, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. HUD communicates with any Bluetooth-enabled device and the information on your windshield is visible at any time of day. You control it with your voice, and the navigator helps you get where you want to go. You can place this gadget on the dashboard of your car to save space on the windshield. Plus, you don’t need any additional displays that can fall off at the most inopportune time or leave nasty marks on your windshield.

Such systems first appeared in the military aircraft industry. Various indicators were projected directly onto the helmet glass of a fighter pilot’s helmet. In the few tenths of a second that it takes to transfer your gaze to the dashboard and back, superfast fighter jets would fly hundreds of meters.

Self-Diagnostic Car Scanner

A masthead for owners of more or less modern cars. This is an adapter that performs car diagnostics and displays the results on your cell phone. Interestingly, with the appearance of these gadgets, the number of “entrepreneurs” who offer on-site diagnostic services has increased dramatically. All they have is such a gadget. But it is really capable of a lot.

The gadget resets onboard computer errors, analyzes sensor readings, and monitors the current state of the car. Often, it saves you from expensive checkups. It also notifies you by phone if your car is warmed up, tells you what gear to choose, helps to prevent accidents, keeps statistics on your journeys, as well as tells you how to save on fuel and explains why a particular icon is lit up on the dashboard.

Wi-Fi in your car

And this gadget was greeted by all car lovers with ovations. You can hardly imagine your life without stable internet connections. And now it’s available during the whole ride by bringing car routers to your car.

Car routers are distinguished from conventional routers by their compact size and operation from the cigarette lighter socket. As a rule, they are sold as a set with an antenna adapter and signal amplification antenna.


As we can see, there are a lot of useful and really effective gadgets for cars today, noticeably simplifying the life of ordinary drivers. In this selection, we have collected for you only the most interesting and unusual of them. We hope that in this material you have already found the device that you will definitely want to buy.


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