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GoSun Chillest Solar-Powered Cooler Is A Game-Changer For Campers

No need to store ice to keep your food and refreshments cool with this case 🏕🧊
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The GoSun Chillest may be the dream mobile fridge of every camper. With a mix of a refrigerator and freezer on wheels, this camping gadget is truly built for the outdoors.

Compared to other existing mobile fridges that are mostly built for staying inside a vehicle, you can bring this 19 kg cooler anywhere like a piece of luggage.

If ever your cooler runs out of juice, you can charge it up in many ways including solar charging plus a companion mobile app that lets you control both the fridge and freezer temperatures.

Having An Energy Efficient Cooler Has Its Perks

This amazing cooler gives you a battery life of up to 10 hours. Additionally, you can extend the use through an external battery that can last you 30 hours more.

It also has an AC/DC outlet if you want your mobile fridge to last while plugged in or add on an elbow solar table that can extend usage during the day while putting it at full charge after 5 hours.

GoSun Chillest shines in energy efficiency with needing only 45W of power to keep it running which is less than a blender (500W) or a microwave (1,200W).

The control panel also has a nice touch in which you can adjust the temperatures of the dual cooling zones (fridge and freezer) separately ranging from -4°F to 68°F.

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Enhance Your Camping Experience With These Add-ons

Aside from the elbow solar panel, the GoSun Chillest also comes with optional accessories such as a Bluetooth speaker as well as an umbrella to keep you chill under the sun.

Not to mention that you can also use the elbow solar table as a prep and dining station where you can place your food.

Overall, the Chillest portable fridge is a must-have for every regular camper. Head on over to their store and get yourself this wonderful gadget starting at $699 or go all out with their GS Solar Kitchen package which includes all the accessories for $1,950.


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