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Lumos Helmet Ultra Review: Bike Helmet With Built-in Smart Lighting

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Feel more confident riding your bike with Lumos Helmet Ultra. It can provide you the best protection both day and night all while keeping you comfortable. With its bright front lights and rear turn signals, you can be more visible and safer while on the road.



  • Crash-tested certified as a standard
  • Cheaper
  • Bright front light and rear turn signals
  • Lighter and better ventilation than previous models


  • Aesthetic not to everyone’s tase.

Biking is a great way to get from one point to another. You don’t have to deal with traffic and gas, have access to trails and parks, and stay fit while you’re at it. It’s even eco-friendly, so you’re helping the environment too.

But the problem with using your bike is that it can be dangerous to ride at night. While rear lights can help, sometimes they might not be enough to keep you protected. Plus, they can easily get stolen. So the next best thing? Get the Lumos Helmet Ultra.

Lumos Ultra is a bike helmet with built-in smart lighting that actually works well on the road. It provides you real protection while making sure you are visible at night. Plus, since it is smart, you can connect it with your Apple Watch to control signals just by raising your arm. Neat, right? Get to know more about this amazing product here.

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Lumos has been creating smart bike helmets with lights for years. If you’ve been biking for some time now, you might have seen their first helmet, the Kickstart, which was launched on Kickstarter in 2015 and raised over US$800,000 of funding. 5 years later, the same company came back to the crowdfunding platform and introduced the Lumos Ultra, which broke all the records in Kickstarter history.

The Lumos Helmet Ultra was fully funded in just 4 minutes. It raised a whopping US$2,966,439, making it the most-backed product in the “Bikes” category and the most-funded cycling accessory on Kickstarter. So what made it such a huge hit? Well, the company worked out all the kinks from their previous models and made the Ultra their first proper performance helmet for the road.

Just as effective as the other Lumos helmets, the Ultra ensures your safety by letting others see you and where you are planning to go. But compared to previous versions, it is lighter, smarter, has better ventilation, and a lot cheaper. It even has its best LED technology to date.

With an MSRP of US$99, the Ultra is the cheapest Lumos Helmet. The Kickstart costs US$180, Matrix at US$250, Street for US$200, and Kickstart Lite for US$130. It is also cheaper than some of the top-performing helmets such as the Giro Aether Spherical Helmet and Fox Racing Dropframe Pro. Compared to other brands, however, the Ultra may seem pricey – especially since you can buy regular helmets for under US$20.

You should also be interested in the EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet.


Weatherproof IPX6 Rating

One of the drawbacks of biking is that you are exposed to the elements and weather. Rain, for example, not only makes it challenging to ride but is also more dangerous. So to make sure you’ll be seen and safe, the Lumos Ultra was built with IPX6 standards. This makes it capable of withstanding the elements and helps you riding bright no matter the weather.

Apple Watch Compatible

If you have an Apple watch, you can pair it with the Lumos Ultra to start controlling the turn signals by simply raising your arm. This helmet is also compatible with Apple Health and Strava.

MIPS Upgradeable

With the Lumos Ultra, you have the option to add MIPS. This is an extra safety feature that gives you added protection from rotational motion transferring to your brain. It can reduce the risk of minor and severe brain injuries.

Basing on its Kickstarter campaign, adding MIPS can increase the price from US$99 to US$139. Other optional upgrades are an attachable visor, which will retail for about US$25, and automatic brake lights.

Crash Tested Certified

Lumos Ultra has passed all its initial crash tests and certified as standard. It’s one of the safest helmets around, so even without the lights, this is still a great buy.

Bright Front & Rear Lights

Lumos Helmet Ultra is packed with lights both in the front and back. The bright lights in front ensure you are visible at any angle. On the back, the lights serve as turn signals, which takes away the guesswork for those around you. With it, you can immediately let motorists know which direction you are about to turn to.

Smart Companion App

As with any smart device, you can also pair your helmet with your phone through an app and control it from there.

Highly Ventilated

The Ultra is the most vented Lumos helmet yet. It is designed with 3 huge exhausts in the back where hot air can go out. This will help keep you cool while commuting or training.


  • Length: 10.83 inches (27.5cm)
  • Width: 8.27 inches (21cm)
  • Height: 6.10 inches (15.5cm)
Weight 13.05oz (370g)
LED Configurations
  • Front: 30 White LEDs
  • Rear: 64 Red LEDs
  • Turn signal capable
  • Automatic brake lights (optional)
  • Type: 3.7V 1100mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life: 4-10 hours
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 4.0

There are a lot of things about Lumos Ultra that make it a better choice. For one, it has rear turn signals, which other similar products don’t have. The Bern Hudson Commuter, for example, only offers steady, flashing, or pulse rear lighting. It also includes a wireless handlebar remote, which makes your signaling easier. Just press the button and direction you are turning to and it will reflect immediately on the helmet.

Additionally, with 30 white LEDs in the front and 64 red LEDs at the back, you’ll stay bright while wearing the Lumos Ultra. This allows you to get seen no matter what.

Lumos Ultra_1


In terms of aesthetics, the Ultra looks extremely sleek and cool. With the lights on, it looks very futuristic. Without them, the helmet will surely still make heads turn with its smooth design and eye-catching colors. Unfortunately, a lot of the colors offered on Kickstarter are not available on retail. So if you didn’t catch its project campaign, you’d have limited colors to choose from. The only colors currently listed on the company’s website are black, white, and lime.

One of the biggest improvements on the Ultra Helmet is its weight. From their very first helmet, which weighed 490g, the Ultra is only 370g. And the company did that without compromising the protection level.

We also love that the Ultra is available in different sizes. It’s practically designed with everyone in mind, so adults, bigger kids, and even kids can use it. Each helmet is equipped with a click-dial fit system, which makes sure it stays firmly and comfortably on your head.


Without the lights, Lumos Ultra is a great bike helmet in itself. It looks cool, feels light, and will actually provide you the protection you need in case of an accident. Sure, it may not be as cheap as some of the other helmets around. But for its price, you are investing not only in a premium helmet but also in your safety. Overall, the Lumos Helmet Ultra is definitely one of the best helmets you will find today.


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