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MATIV Mat Review – Smarter Home Workouts

Working out and exercising is necessary for a fit and healthy body. But with the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have been forced to stay at home and avoid the usual places they used to visit - including gyms. As a result, many may have missed or skipped their daily activity routine. 
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MATIV Mat Quick Review


MATIV is a light and portable fitness mat that you can easily set up at home, outdoors, or practically anywhere you want to workout. It’s easy to use and just as easy to store. But more importantly, it can collect and analyze your movements, and provide you with feedback and data to help make your workouts better.


  • Monitors movement
  • Offers a wide range of exercises
  • Interactive and enticing


  • Price
  • Requires additional purchase (smart band) for more accurate monitoring

Thankfully, there is a lot of home workout equipment available today. So you can always stay fit no matter what. And if you are looking for one, the new MATIV fitness mat is a great choice. Unlike regular mats, MATIV uses AI algorithms and embedded sensors. Thus, making it the world’s first multi-fitness smart mat. Learn more about this new product here and find out whether it’s the workout mat for you.

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For most people who use mats to exercise, they turn to YouTube videos for guidance. However, this can quickly become dull and repetitive, which may cause you to lose interest and motivation. To address this, the team behind MATIV designed a product that offers numerous workouts and exercises. So you will never get bored working out at home. They also added interactive video content and live feedback components to provide you with an environment where you can enjoy staying fit with coaches and other people.

However, you will have to spend more to experience such a smart mat. With a retail price of US$400, MATIV costs way, way more than regular fitness mats – especially since you can already purchase exercise mats for under US$10. But if you’re constantly on the lookout for quality and expensive mats, MATIV actually doesn’t seem all that pricey. It’s cheaper than some well-known mats, such as Lifeorme X Burberry (US$420), Ermenegildo Zegna (US$500), and Baller Yoga LXXX Mat (US$1,500).

Furthermore, MATIV is cheaper than existing interactive home gym systems like Mirror, Tonal, and Peloton, which can range from US$1,800 to US$3,000. It’s also lighter, more portable, and less space-consuming.

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Real-time Monitoring

MATIV can distinguish nearly 300 movements and monitor your workout performance in real-time. All details are then analyzed, helping identify the appropriate support needed for each of your sessions. This is possible through the AI algorithm and 40,000 sensors embedded in the mat.

However, while the workout mat can already analyze your exercise data, you may need to pair it with the company’s smart band for more accuracy. This is the one responsible for measuring your arm motion as well as your footwork.

Various Video Content

What we love about MATIV is the wide range of video content and exercises it offers. You can choose cardio, Pilates, HIIT, and Bootcamp. There’s also Tabata, floor, and bodyweight training. You can even choose kickboxing or dancing exercises. Each activity is guaranteed fun to follow and can be tailored to fit your current level.

Sharing and Communicating

For some people, working out at home alone can be boring. If you feel the same, then MATIV can help you by adding a little competitive element to your sessions. This mat and the technology behind it are designed to calculate your workout and rank it against other users. So as you’re sweating it out, you’ll immediately see your position in real-time on the rankings bar at the bottom of the screen. Personally, this is a great feature since it can help keep you engaged and excited. It also makes working out feel like a game, which makes it a little more fun.

Aside from competing with your friends, MATIV features missions and rewards as well. You can also earn points and badges every time you achieve a target, including calorie consumption and workout frequency. And to make it more social, you can share all your fitness results on social media.

What’s It Like to Use

Using MATIV is simple and easy. Just do the following:

  1. Roll out the mat anywhere you want – home, office, or outdoors. If you have the smart band too, make sure to wear it on your wrist.
  2. Pair your phone with the smart mat and band.
  3. Choose the workout you want to try. Have a specific body part you want to work on? Just select from the many videos that target the area you want.
  4. Follow the workout video and enjoy the various live interactive tools. On your screen, you’ll see the number of calories you have burned, the points you have earned, and your current ranking against other users.

Once your done working out, you can just roll the MATIV back and secure it with the ties. Since it’s pretty small, you can store it on a shelf, under your bed or couch, or carry it on your back. If you don’t have enough room for huge home gym equipment, then the MATIV is perfect for you.

MATIV Mat Review

Final Thoughts

While MATIV isn’t the most affordable fitness mat in the market, it sure is the smartest one. With it, you can choose from a wide range of exercises, monitor your movements, and analyze your sessions through visual records. It also offers a game-like and competitive setting, which can make your workouts more exciting and fun.

With MATIV, you can have access to an instructor who will give you personalized voice feedback to push you to keep going and to make sure you’re fully immersed through every training session. Furthermore, you can tailor it to your level of fitness. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, MATIV is a great fit for you.

Overall, if the final product turns out to be as amazing as it is on paper, then this is a game-changer in the world of workout mats and interactive home gym systems. With this much tech and features, you can train more efficiently and reach your goals faster.

Find out everything you need to know and support this product on their Kickstarter Campaign.


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