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PrinCube Review: Portable Colour Printer But Does it Work?

The PrinCube’s miniature size and innovative design make it easy for you to print whatever text, patterns, or pictures you want on a variety of different surfaces, including metal, wood, leather, cardboard, and even skin.
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The PrinCube may demand a steady hand, but in return, this little guy allows you to get your printing done on whatever surface you choose. Moreover, its lengthy battery life and its cartridge’s high page yield make this printer indispensable for people who do a lot of printing while they’re moving around.



  • Extremely portable size
  • The only coloured mobile printer around
  • Ink cartridges last for a long time


  • Ink cartridges aren’t readily available
  • Requires a steady hand for the best result

There’s no denying the usefulness of a printer, but even the more compact models tend to be pretty darn bulky. Heck, even the portable ones usually end up being the width of a laptop and their functionality is often compromised. If only there was a handy little printer you could just carry around wherever you go. Well, there actually is one and it’s called the PrinCube.

This little guy fits in the palm of your hand and claims to be the world’s smallest mobile colour printer. According to its creators, it can print on any surface and effortlessly syncs with whatever smartphone you’re using. In this PrinCube review, we’re going to find out if this truly is the mobile printer we’ve all been waiting for or if it’s another gimmicky gadget that fails to live up to its hype.

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 PrinCube Overview

The PrinCube sells itself as the tiniest mobile colour printer in existence, with the capacity to connect to your Android or iOS smartphone via Wi-Fi so that you can easily print out any document or pictures saved on your device. It’s able to print on pretty much any material and setting up and using it is an absolute breeze.

You won’t have to worry about constantly running out of ink either as each cartridge can last for more than 400 pages and its impressive battery life allows the device to keep on kicking for up to six hours of continuous use.

PrinCube is cheap compared to others. Offered at US$69 on the TheGodThings website, it is the most affordable portable printer in the market. It’s cheaper than the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer, HP Sprocket, and even the .


Prints On Any Surface

Whether it’s paper, plastic, metal, rubber, leather, or anything in between, the PrinCube has no trouble printing whatever you like as long as it’s on a solid surface. You can even use it on your skin to give yourself some stylish temporary tattoos in case you want to check out how it looks before you commit to something a little more permanent.

Easy Usage

Convenience is one of the PrinCube’s primary features, allowing you to print whatever you desire through a simple Wi-Fi upload and the push of a button. From there, it’s just a matter of sliding the device.

Vibrant Colours

Don’t let this printer’s diminutive size fool you. It sports some gorgeous colours thanks to its 3-Colour Thermal Ink-jet technology, making it the only fully-coloured portable printer in the market.

Multi-line Printing

The PrinCube includes a multi-line feature that allows you to print a total of 3 metres worth of content at any given time.

Long-lasting Battery and Ink Cartridge

You’ll get a ton of mileage out of this little guy’s battery since it’ll give you up to six hours of continuous printing or upwards of one year when left on standby. As for its ink cartridge, you can count on each one to provide you with more than 415 pages on A4 sized paper.

Easy Refills

Ink cartridge running on empty? Just clip the PrinCube’s lid open, pop out the old cartridge, and slip in a new one. You’ll be back to printing in a matter of seconds.

Compact Design

The PrinCube’s dimensions are a mere 72x51x68mm, making it small enough to comfortably store in your backpack or even slip into the pocket of your pants. It also weighs just 160g including the cartridge, so you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

Princube and ink cartridges



Weight 110g
Dimensions 71x51x68 mm
Connection Wi-Fi/USB Network
Colours White
Required System Android/iOS/Windows/Mac OS/Linux
Motion Detection Optical Sensor
Battery Life 6 hours of continuous use
Charging Port USB Type-C
Standby Time > 1 year

Ink Cartridge

Cartridge Colour Tri-Colour
Weight 50g
Resolution 1200 DPI
Ink Drop 6.4 pl HDW, 3 pl LDW
One-time Print Height 14.2875 mm
One-time Print Width >1.3m
Multi-line Print WIdth >3m
Page Yield (Colour) ~415 pages (A4)

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Build & Design

The PrinCube’s greatest strength lies in its portable size, with its dimensions being small enough to allow it to easily fit in pretty much any laptop bag or pants pocket. As its name suggests, this printer is essentially a white cube with a single transparent side that gives you a peek at the ink cartridge you’ve got loaded.

It boasts a minimalistic design that manages to remain pleasant to look at while still feeling comfortable to grip and use. You can count on its sturdiness as well, with its reinforced plastic frame being tough enough to take a few licks here and there without breaking down.

Princube Components

What’s it like to use?

Setting up the PrinCube is exceedingly simple. You start off by connecting your mobile device to the printer through your Wi-Fi connection. Next, fire up your camera and scan the QR code located on the bottom of the printer. This will launch the dashboard where you can upload whatever pattern, picture, or document you’d like to print.

From there, you just need to hit the button and once it turns green you can start printing by sliding the device over whatever surface you want to print on. It isn’t limited to just smartphones either, as you can also connect it to your Windows, macOS, or Linux desktop via a USB Type-C connection.

Once you empty out your ink cartridge, replacing it is as easy as flipping open the printer’s transparent lid, pulling out the used cartridge, inserting a new one, and then closing the lid back up again. Finding a replacement ink cartridge, however, is a whole different story.

PrinCube is extremely useful whenever you need to print something while you’re out and about or when you want to do some printing on something other than paper. You will need a steady hand, however, since you’ll have to slide the printer manually to do the printing. Jittery hands beware.

Final Thoughts

The PrinCube is not only the handiest printer we’ve ever seen, but it also happens to be one of the most useful as well. It allows you to print on a myriad of different surfaces and can even do colours which is something most portable printers are incapable of. To top it off, it also features an impressively long battery life and its ink cartridge can print north of 400 A4-sized pages.

Its biggest disadvantage lies in the availability of its ink cartridges since it’s only up for purchase directly from its creators. In contrast, you can find ink cartridge replacements for more well-known printer brands in just about any mall or online selling platform you look up. That and the steady hand it requires to get the printing right. Missteps aside, the PrinCube is by far the greatest mobile printer out there and is a must-buy for people who do a lot of printing on the go.

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