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Razer Unveils Smart N95 Respirator Mask Called Project Hazel

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CES 2021 has taken the world by storm these past couple of days with innovations coming out left and right. 

The pandemic has made companies think out of the box when it comes to adapting to the new normal and it looks like Razer has stepped up to the challenge. Known for giving us a great gaming experience, they’ve innovated the N95 face mask with Project Hazel.

This N95 face mask is gonna make you stand out from the rest especially with the new normal upon us. We dive deeper on what this durable and RGB-powered mask can give you once Razer rolls this out soon.

Ventilators That Make Your Voice Sound Natural

Even though the project is still in its concept stages, the selling point that it will bring to the market is its usability. The two small circular ventilators on each side are said to filter out 95 percent of its pathogens including COVID 19.

Another cool feature of this mask aside from the N95 features and ventilations that you would expect is its auto-sterilization function that comes with a special charging case lined with UV light that kills bacteria and viruses once the mask charges.

Since most people struggle with talking with a mask on and their voices tend to sound muffled, Razer has addressed the problem by embedding a built-in mic and amplifiers on the ventilators using patent-pending technology.

As per The Verge, Razer is still testing the ventilators’ longevity and they are envisioning that users will also have a mobile companion app that will come along with this mask notifying them when it’s time to change the filters.

Project Hazel Box

Could This Mask Bring Over Voice Modification?

Once Razer unveiled their N95 Smart Mask, people over on YouTube are already clamouring over the product. Some are even suggesting that they want to sound like Darth Vader or even The Mandalorian from the Star Wars franchise. 

However, there might be downsides from including voice modification into their product since it can be prone to malicious activity such as fraud so maybe Razer is still thinking about how to further innovate Project Hazel.

Developments around this mask could even bring more future use cases, not only in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but also in making field communication more efficient. No price 


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