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Retio: A Retro Hi-Fi Radio That Blasts From The Past

A perfect vintage piece that can fit in your living space 🛋
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Portable speakers have become so mainstream these days that we’ve seen manufacturers come up with the same designs time and time again. Retio takes you on a trip down memory lane before the emergence of music streaming with a modern twist.

Aside from being a retro FM/AM/DAB+ radio, this tiny box packs a lot of features such as an alarm clock, Bluetooth capability and the vintage Nixie tubes built in its design to give you that 1960s lights from the past.

A Tribute to Classic Aesthetics

Aside from its Nixie tube numeric display, this retro radio was handcrafted using American black walnut and 360 brass. The Retio also comes with other style options such as the Rift Sawn White Oak and Zebrawood .

This just goes to show the level of dedication that these craftsmen have put into these 1960s vintage-themed portable devices. Not to mention that these Nixie tubes can last you up to 22 years of use so you wouldn’t have to worry about their lifespan.

It also sports a 6,800mAh battery that can be charged with a 5V USB port so you have the option to bring it anywhere or plug it in the wall outlet without affecting its battery life.

A Wireless Speaker and Clock

The Retio doesn’t only play as a radio as it also gives off the functionalities of a Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality that it gives off is comparable to Harman Kardon and JBL models and it is also powered by Qualcomm aptX giving you a hi-res audio quality.

The clock function gives you tons of customizability. Retio gives you the liberty to change the backlight colours to capture the different night moods.

You can set your Nixie tubes to display either a 12-hour or 24-hour clock format just by tapping the top of the box. Its tapping functionality also caters to music playback as well.

Its built-in alarms also give you the best soundtracks to wake up to as if you’re acting in a movie scene. If one Retio isn’t enough, you can also pair it with another Retio to give you a wider sound space for your workstation.

As of this writing, the campaign has almost reached $1 million in funding and these limited edition vintage hi-fi radios may run out soon. So head on over to Kickstarter and get the Retio for only $299.


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