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STORM 2: A Cyberpunk Inspired Power Bank

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Ever dreamed of a sci-fi designed, 27,600 mAh portable power bank? You did?! Well, STORM 2 just nailed it!

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The see-through aesthetic of this power bank will give you the assurance that it’s packed with a lot of battery juice enough to power all your gadgets. You also get to play around with three USB charging ports: a 18W USB-A output, a 30W USB-C2 and a 100W PD USB-C1 port that can support super fast charging.

And that’s not all — there is also an adjustable DC voltage that can support any additional device. Its pass-through charging can let your power bank charge while it powers up your other gadgets.

If you’re a digital nomad who prefers a sophisticated and futuristic gadget, then this portable charging accessory is going to be essential for your travelling needs.

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A Display Monitor That Gives More Control

This power bank offers a much more comprehensive display compare to other battery banks which gives you total power management control.

The built-in display not only tells your power bank’s information but also gives the battery status of your devices. Also, the power bank is smart enough to know how much power it needs to draw to your devices.

Lightning Fast Charging Speeds

When power bank has a large battery capacity, people would judge that it would take a longer time to fully charge.

However, the STORM 2 has debunked that myth and they have achieved faster charging times not only for your devices, but for the power bank itself. Its impressive 1.5 hour recharge time is enough to last you a week in powering up your devices.

STORM 2 powering devices

It also has fast charging support of up to three devices. Charging a DJI drone with the DC port, MacBook Pro & iPhone via the USB-C ports is possible with the STORM 2.

STORM 2 also has a complete protection system that includes voltage, short circuit, and temperature protection. The Panasonic lithium battery pack approved by Tesla and V0 classification Fireproof PC Chassis for assured safety.

Get this over at Kickstarter for an Early Bird price starting at $109 and worry less about having your gadgets running low on batteries.

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