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Toler Union Review: Omnilock Multitool For Solving Anything

The Toler Union includes the nifty ability to unfold and separate at the middle, allowing you to either elongate a particular tool or to use two different sets of tools at the same time. It’s a well-thought-out feature that gives the multi-tool an even deeper level of flexibility.
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The Toler Union is an exceedingly useful multi-tool that features a healthy variety of tools for a wide range of uses. Its premium build gives it a satisfying weight and feel and its avant-garde Omnilock wrench concept is something no multi-tool should be without. Toler Union is a prime example of how being a jack-of-all-trades can be a great thing.



  • Omnilock wrench works wonderfully
  • Impressive variety of tools
  • Excellent build quality


  • May be a bit too bulky for some

Ever had a moment where you just wished you had a screwdriver or wrench on you? Then again, it’s not exactly practical to walk around with a toolbox wherever you go – or is it? The Toler Union aims to put an entire toolbox in your pocket so you’ll never ever again be caught without a tool when you need it most.

In this Toler Union review, we’re trying out every tool this kit has to offer to find out if they really are as handy and sturdy as they claim to be. Can’t stick around to read the entire review? Just click any of the links below and we’ll take you right to that section.


The Toler Union is the brainchild of creator Michael Newman – a mechanical engineering degree holder who came about the idea after being let down by the quality of the multi-tool he was using at the time.

He decided to make his own high-quality version that featured a more practical and better-implemented set of tools, which include an innovative wrench design, a full-sized screwdriver, a knife, a T-handle driver, and a pair of pliers just to name a few. In short, the Toler Union is a multi-tool that’s both easy to use and durable, and offers the right tools no matter the job.



This patent-pending pocket wrench is self-adjusting and works perfectly with a wide range of sizes. Its tight grip makes it remarkably easy to work with, effectively lessening the strain on your hands and wrist.

UNION Architecture

Unfolding the Toler Union transforms it into a full-length wrench with double the real estate for your hands, though you can also separate the multi-tool at the hinge, allowing you to use the other tools at the same time.

UNION Wood Saw

It features a locking Martensitic stainless steel blade that is heat-treated for maximum durability and effectiveness.

The Knife

The Toler Union’s knife is a full-sized 3.125-inch blade that’s made out of heat-treated D2 steel and is designed specifically for one hand use, whether your multi-tool is joined or separated.

Toler Union Closed Product Shot

Wide Range of Tools

The Toler Union offers a variety of handy tools to mix and match, letting you customize your very own multi-tool with the tools you use most. These include:

  • Full-sized screwdriver
  • Full grip knife
  • T-handle driver
  • Pistol grip saws
  • Right angle driver
  • Sprung combo heads
  • Pocket knife
  • Spring-loaded pliers

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Dimensions (Folded): 5.1″x1.77″x1.1″

Tools Included:

  • Full size screwdriver
  • T-handle driver
  • Full grip knife
  • Locking, pistol grip saws


Dimensions: 5.35″x1.77″x0.5″

Weight: 6.2oz

Tools Included:

  • Screwdriver
  • Leverage extension for the wrench
  • Right angle driver
  • Pocket clip
  • Bit extender clip

UNION Pliers

Dimensions: 4.8″x1.77″x0.6″

Weight: 8.4oz

Tools Included:

  • Sprung combo heads
  • Four bits on board
  • Metal and wood saws
  • Screwdriver
  • T-handle driver
  • Locking file/awl
  • Pocket clip
  • 3.125″ locking D2 blade

Design & Build

The Toler Union may be a bit bulkier than the average multi-tool, but that gives it the unique ability to feature full-sized tools and an elongated wrench system, allowing users to have a more comfortable and versatile experience. Plus, at the end of the day, the multi-tool still fits in your pocket or sits comfortably on the belt loop of your pants.

As for the tools themselves, most of them are crafted out of high-grade steel that’s been heat-treated to maximize their strength and durability. Whether it’s the saws, wrench, pliers, or knife, all of the tools found on the Toler Union are top notch.

Toler Union Being Used

What’s it like to use?

The Toler Union may have a lot of tools to unpack but it’s surprisingly easy to maneuver thanks to its intuitive design and expert build. Its larger size may be considered a drawback to some, though it does come with the added advantage of allowing for more full-sized tools like the elongated wrench, as well as a more comfortable grip when you’re hard at work.

Moreover, you can always effortlessly split the Toler Union in half, allowing you to use two different sets of tools at the same time. The gadget itself and its tools all feel satisfyingly weighty and well-built and the variety of tools found in the Toler Union make it something any handyman or DIY enthusiast would want to keep around.

Final Thoughts

If you often work with tools in your job or everyday life or just generally need them for your hobbies or home repair, the Toler Union will prove itself to be an invaluable doohickey that you’ll always want to keep handy. Its tools are impressively well-built and it features a wide enough variety of them to make it the perfect all-arounder.

It may not be as compact as some of the other multi-tools out there, but that’s just to give some of its tools more leverage and to allow its creator to cram more uses into this handy little device. The Omnilock self-adjusting wrench is also a wonderful inclusion that’s as innovative as it is useful. For people who are looking for a high quality, near all-encompassing multi-tool, the Toler Union does a great job of setting itself apart.


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