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EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter Review – Sky High Value!

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Picture this. You touch down overseas, check into a hotel, then head straight up to your room with the intention of plugging in the laptop that you’ve completely drained on the flight over. Have to report to the boss after all. You pick up the power cord and reach for the outlet only to find a monstrous shape that you’ve never seen before.

Frequent travellers know that this happens more often than people think, which isn’t hard to believe considering that there are 15 unique plugs and sockets found across the globe. That’s why you should always keep something like the EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter handy on every trip. In fact, it is so handy we had to put it on our list of best travel gadgets for techies.

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EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter Review
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EPICKA Travel Adapter Review Summary

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter truly has it all. It’s portable, affordable, safe, easy to use, and has all the charging ports that you could ever ask for. If you can get past the sliders’ slight stickiness, you’ll find one of the best travel gadgets for a life on the road.



✓ Impressive number of charging ports

✓ Compact and lightweight

✓ Affordable

✓ All the safety features you can ask for


✗ Sliders can feel sticky at times

Travel adapters are nifty gadgets that allow you to plug into any outlet anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need for stocking up on a bunch of different plug adapters and individually researching the socket types of every country you plan on visiting. Just toss your universal adapter inside your bag or luggage and you’ll never have to worry about socket types ever again.

Nowadays, universal adapters have come a long way and offer more than just plug type conversion. Newer models feature USB ports, safety shutters, fuse protection and more, and are becoming increasingly more portable with every generation.

Just try typing “universal travel adapter” into any search engine and you’ll be bombarded by a seemingly endless variety of brands, shapes, and sizes to choose from, making it difficult to pick the best one for you. In this EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter Review, we’ll find out what sets it apart from its competitors and help you decide if it’s the best travel adapter for you.

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What is the EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter?

Not much is known about EPICKA except that they make a living designing travel adapters, pet-related equipment, and the occasional smart device. We can’t say much about their pet fountains or smartwatch, but their travel adapter game seems to be on point.

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter is a highly compact little gizmo that does its core function of converting plugs to any socket type as good as any other adapter in the market, covering the outlets of more than 150 countries worldwide. But that’s not really what makes this travel adapter so special.

The sheer number of charging ports that EPICKA’s managed to slap on to this little guy is truly quite remarkable considering its size, and its easy-to-use design means that you’ll be switching socket types in no time at all. It also has a host of safety features to ensure that your health and devices are never compromised.


EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter Features

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter’s best feature by far is its abundance of charging ports, sporting the following:

  • 4 x standard USB ports
  • 1 x USB Type-C port
  • 1 x basic AC socket

Having USB ports on travel adapters is fairly commonplace nowadays, but having 6 charging ports overall on an adapter that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand is a pretty amazing feat. This means you can easily charge your smartwatch, laptop, phone and power bank all at once.


As previously mentioned, this universal travel adapter is impressively compact being only around 7cm long and 5 cm wide and thick. It’s lightweight to boot weighing in at just 204 grams, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. Safety-wise, it has all the bells and whistles you’d want in a travel adapter, including an 8A Overload Dual Fuse, a Plug Lock System, and safety shutters. Bear in mind, however, that it doesn’t convert output current and voltage, which shouldn’t be expected from travel adapters anyways.

EPICKA’s travel adapter comes with its very own carrying pouch and often includes an iPhone charger which is great for decreasing the number of chargers you’ll have to lug around on a trip – assuming you’re an iPhone user, of course. All things considered, its price tag, that hovers just above $20, is very reasonable, especially when you think about all the features it has to offer.

EPICKA’s one blemish on an otherwise perfect product is the button and slider mechanism that you’ll be using to select plug types. While switching plug types is really easy, the sliders sometimes feel a tad wonky and having to press a button while navigating them can occasionally make the experience a little cumbersome.


Dimensions 7.1 x 5 x 5 cm
Weight 204 grams
Max Power 880W at 110Vac / 1840W at 230Vac
Charging Ports 4 Standard USB, 1 USB Type-C, 1 AC Socket
Colours Grey, Rose Gold


The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter doesn’t exactly break the mould in the looks department, but its small size and rounded cuboid shape along with its two-toned colour make it a lot easier on the eyes than most of the competition. It even comes in two different colours, Grey and Rose Gold.

On one side you’ll find the device’s 3 labelled sliders and the Type-C port, while on the other there’s the button that you’ll need to hold down to work the sliders. The 4 standard USB ports are located on the bottom of the adapter. As for the AC socket, it can be found on its face, as with most devices of its nature.

What’s it Like to Use?

Switching plug types with the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter is as easy and straightforward as you can ask for. It’s only a matter of choosing your desired plug type, pushing down a button, then sliding the corresponding slider all the way through.

The sliders are labelled so figuring out which one to use is a breeze. Unfortunately, the sliders can feel sticky at times, prompting you to jiggle them a bit as you slide them across.

Couple that with having to hold down a button while you do it can sometimes make the process a bit annoying. I make it sound a lot more unwieldy than it really is and, for the most part, it works without much fuss. As for the charging ports, they are all fairly well-placed and don’t get in each other’s way.

Final Thoughts

The EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter is a capable device that performs its core function just as well as any of its competitors. It has everything you would want in a travel adapter, including all the right safety features, a sturdy shell, and well-designed mechanisms. Its best feature by far lies in the impressive number of charging ports it has to offer considering its remarkable portability.

Its only downside is its sliders which have the unfortunate tendency to feel sticky every now and then and can be frustrating especially when you’re in a rush. Minor flaw aside, EPICKA’s Universal Travel adapter is one of the best travel adapters on the market and is a gadget you should never be without whenever you’re travelling.

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