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Morph Review – Putting Other TWS Earbuds to Shame

Morph’s OLED screen and touch strip tandem grants an unprecedented level of control over your earbuds, allowing you to browse through every single one of your paired gadgets with the flick of a thumb.
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Morph Quick Review


Morph’s OLED screen and touch strip tandem grants an unprecedented level of control over your earbuds, allowing you to browse through every single one of your paired gadgets with the flick of a thumb.



  • OLED screen and touch strip are awesome
  • Insanely long battery life
  • Switching between devices couldn’t be easier
  • Stellar sound quality


  • Would’ve been nice if it came in different colours

Having a tough time memorizing the tap controls on your wireless earbuds? You may no longer have to, according to Morph – a pair of TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds that come with a smart control case that allows for features no other wireless earbuds on the market can provide.

But do they really have a shot at taking down reigning earbud juggernauts like Apple’s AirPods or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds? Stick around and find out, in our Morph review.

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Morph Overview

Morph Audio has developed a pair of high-quality earbuds that include a smart control case, allowing you to fully control audio playback and all of the earbuds’ extra features through an innovative touch strip and OLED screen combo.

Not only does this mean you’ll never again have to memorize a set of tapping sequences just to get your music to skip or rewind, but you’ll also have control over exactly which Bluetooth-capable devices you want to connect to. As a bonus, you won’t have to limit yourself to a handful of paired devices since the Morph allows you to form connections with an unlimited number of gadgets.

Morph gif showing screen display

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OLED Screen

Having an OLED screen for your earbuds gives you access to a wealth of vital information, including battery level and the name of the device you’re currently connected to. It also makes shuffling between songs, switching devices, and accessing useful features a whole lot easier especially since you have a touch strip to navigate menus with.

Quick Device Switching

Morph lets you quickly switch between a limitless number of devices no matter the operating system, thanks to its nifty OLED screen.

Ultra Long Battery Life

While most earbuds last less than 10 hours while fully juiced, Morph endures up to 24 hours of continuous playback on a single charge and up to 50 hours with its charging case.

Qualcomm Adaptive ANC

This is one of the most efficient forms of ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) tech on the market, allowing you to mitigate much of the unwanted noise in your surroundings while having a minimal effect on your battery life.

Transparency Mode

This mode allows you to listen to your surroundings on command without having to remove the earbuds from your ears.

aptX Voice

By enabling 32kHz Super Wideband voice calls, conversations through Morph come across crystal clear.

Sweat and Splashproof

Morph is IPX5 rated, meaning it can easily withstand a bit of rain or sweat while you’re out on your daily jogs.

Wireless Charging

Morph supports wireless charging, allowing for easier charge ups without having to plug it into a wall socket.

Tap Detection

In case you’re a fan of the tapping mechanism found on most earbuds, Morph is fully capable of the feature as well, offering configurable single and double-tap options.

Spatial Audio

If you’re one for immersive listening experiences then you’re in luck. Morph features a sophisticated HRTF (Head-related transfer function) based audio system that puts you even closer to any kind of entertainment you’re listening to.

Morph Size


Morph is dressed in jet-black from earbuds to smart case, sporting a classy look that’s sure to fit right in with any device or outfit. The earbuds are unorthodox in shape, meticulously designed from hundreds of scans of in-ear moulds to provide a wide range of users with the most comfortable fit possible.

The smart control case boasts a flattened cube shape that’s fairly similar to the cases that come with Apple’s AirPods but with the added feature of a square OLED screen right in its centre. The screen looks quite spiffy and is large enough to make controlling the device fairly effortless.

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Final Thoughts

For people looking for a little more control over their wireless earbuds beyond a few simple taps on the side, Morph is the perfect choice. Thanks to the OLED screen, you’ll be flipping through your playlists and switching between devices without breaking a sweat. And you won’t be charging much either since Morph features an insanely long battery life.

Sound-wise, Morph sports a Knowles Balanced Armature driver that’s professionally tuned to deliver clear mids and satisfyingly boomy bass. Truly a top-notch pair of earbuds that are cheaper than the competition and offer far more control


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