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Torshn Puzzle Review – Beautiful Combination Puzzle that Stimulates the Mind

Tired of your old Rubik's cube and looking for a new puzzle to solve? Maybe you need a gift for a puzzle-loving kid, friend, colleague, or loved one? If you are, then here’s a neat product you should check out: the Torshn Puzzle. 
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Torshn Puzzle Quick Review


Torshn is a sphericon puzzle that’s simple yet surprisingly challenging. It can help stimulate your mind, improve your brain’s health, and maybe even make you more productive. Overall, it’s a great puzzle choice for the elderly, adults, kids, and the whole family.



  • Durable and sturdy
  • Challenging
  • Beautiful design


  • Pricey

Torshn Puzzle is inspired by the sphericon, which is a three-dimensional object with a continuous face, and the classic Orb or Orb-It by Christopher C. Wiggs and Christopher J. Taylor. Like the Orb, the objective is to put marbles with the same color together. To align them, you simply have to twist and slide. But make no mistake, solving this puzzle is harder than it seems.

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Torshn, like any other puzzle, aims to stimulate your mind and increase your mental speed. It also improves your problem-solving skills, visual-spatial awareness, patience, attention speed, coordination, and stress level. Aside from that, you can use Torshn to take your mind off from work and focus on solving the puzzle. Or you can just place it on top of your desk and make it a conversation starter or art piece.

There is, however, some controversy about Torshn’s design. While it is said to be based on the Orb Puzzle, its mechanism and shape are more similar to the Astrolabicon Puzzle. For a clearer picture, the Astrolabicon is like your basic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube while the Torshn is a 2×2 version.

In terms of price, Torshn is a bit more expensive than the Astrolabicon. It has a list price of US$60 while the Astrolabicon is only US$54. The good news is, you can experience Torshn at a much cheaper price through its Kickstarter campaign where prices start at only US$39.


Simple Objective

Torshn Puzzle is like any mechanical toy puzzle – it is scrambled. Your objective is to match the marbles with the same colors by using a combination of movements, such as sliding the marbles and twisting the puzzle halves. Once all the colors are arranged and blues, greens, yellows, and reds are all sitting next to each other then you’ve solved the puzzle.


Torshn is a replayable puzzle. Like the Rubik’s Cube, it remains complex and fun even after you’ve solved it many times. And because it is simple enough, you’ll have no problem approaching it. With Torshn, you don’t even need to memorize a bunch of algorithms to get it right – but it will surely help if you do.


What we love about Torshn is its inclusivity – meaning, it’s for everyone. Anyone can enjoy the Torshn Puzzle, from adults to kids and grandparents.

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Design Sphericon
Material Anodized aluminum
Color Options
  • Space Gray
  • Natural Silver
Shop Torshn Puzzle on Kickstarter Super Early Bird Deals Available!

Torshn uses a sphericon design where cavities for spheres can move along. This makes moving the pieces easier and smoother than the Orb Puzzle. Also, instead of the usual plastic, the company uses anodized aluminum. As a result, Torshn is sturdier without being too heavy. This material also allows the item to spin smoothly all while making it last longer.

Now, since Torshn is made of metal, it will weigh more than other toys. This also means that shipping costs will be higher. So aside from the product cost of US$39 for Early Bird promo or US$45 Kickstarter rate, be prepared to shell out an additional US$12 for a single puzzle if you’re in the United States or US$15 if you’re in Australia.

Torshn Puzzle in hand


The biggest advantage of Torshn from other similar puzzles is its overall look. With an anodized and finely sandblasted finish, each puzzle is smooth to the touch and incredibly beautiful to look at. It is sleek, sophisticated, and with a modern-like vibe to it. Plus, it feels great in the hand too. With its size and design, you can leave it on top of your desk, bookshelf, and coffee table as decor or carry it around as you go.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a puzzle that’s both simple and complex, and one that could challenge your whole family, then Torshn is a good choice. Like every other puzzle exercise, Torshn provides you with a mental workout that can help improve your attention span, problem-solving skills, and mental speed. Torshn can help adults be more patient and persevering. It can develop finger and eye coordination as well as dexterity in kids. Puzzle enthusiasts who just love challenges may even enjoy this toy too.

Shop Torshn Puzzle on Kickstarter Super Early Bird Deals Available!

Overall, with its make and finish, this puzzle is beautiful and eye-catching while being incredibly solid, sturdy, and durable. More importantly, it is a challenge that’s not too difficult for anyone. So regardless of your age, gender, and occupation, you’ll certainly find the Torshn tricky enough to be interesting.


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