7 Advantages Of Upgrading your Data Centre’s UPS Power Supply System

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Today, data centers are speedily driving the creation of new power plants, becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing consumers that the electricity industry has ever seen. With the evolution of trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Robotic Process Automation, which actively disrupts the landscape, the ever-increasing costs and economic struggles necessitate resource efficiency – investing in reliable power solutions has never been important than now. 

In today’s demand-driven, hyper-scale settings of industrial processes, there’s been an exponential rise in the demand for dependable, consistent, and efficient power or energy supply and protection. One of the biggest and ever-growing challenges that IT Facility managers face is frequent or unwarranted power outages. 

As a matter of fact, corresponding to the Uptime Institute survey, since January 2016, nearly 36% of the largest global public service outages were due to power failures. Plus, even more surprisingly, almost 80% of the survey respondents agree that the power outage or failures were preventable. So, what options do IT facility managers have to avert costly downtime? One of the simplest and most effective approaches is investing in an advanced UPS power supply system. 

Older UPS Power Supply Systems Vs. Newer UPS Powe Supply Systems

Investing in a highly efficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system plays a major role in enabling cost-savings and recouping past investments made into the data centre facility. Similarly, upgrading older UPS power supply systems with the latest models offers a comparatively low-risk, low-cost way to enhance operational reliability as well as supports annual savings related to functional tasks and maintenance. Additionally, it can also reduce energy waste and ensure that the appropriate size of UPS power supply system has been deployed, which matches the operational scale of the business or facility. 

With the initiation of digitization and virtualization, on average, the loading on UPS power supply systems has decreased considerably. This is because the load in data centres has decreased, which has pushed businesses and facilities further away from achieving the optimal level of efficiency when using the older UPS power supply systems. 

Rightsizing the UPS power supply system optimizes the entire investment made as it enables savings on space, cost, labour, and maintenance.  In maximum cases, there’s a substantially measurable return on investment.

Advantages of Upgrading Your Data Centre’s UPS Power Supply System

For achieving optimal performance and availability, here are the top five benefits of upgrading the UPS system of your data center:

  1. Save substantial amounts spent on operational costs due to improved efficiency.
  2. Delivers internal redundancy without the requirement of another UPS power supply system.
  3. Enables space-savings as it frees up more space within the facility. The free-space can be utilized for other functions, leading to the generation of more revenue.
  4. Delivers intelligent solutions for improved and simpler-to-manage communication and monitoring competencies.
  5. Prevents loss of data due to abrupt operational shutdown.
  6. Reduces maintenance costs and offers a longer life cycle.
  7. Scalable solutions that allow scope for future expansions and reduces day one capital expenses.

To keep up with the technological advancements, businesses and data centers alike are adopting modernization suctions such as UPS power supply systems for their facilities. Modernizing and upgrading your data center’s infrastructure can improve reliability, flexibility, scalability, efficiency and reduce operational expenditures. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your UPS Power Supply System?

For enabling your data center’s optimal performance, you need to upgrade the UPS power supply and related power distribution systems. For the same, you can partner with leading industry providers or certified energy professionals and implement proactive strategies to leverage the best of power solutions. 

Doing so helps ensure that you appropriately determine your data center’s unique requirements and get expert recommendations on suitable solutions and installation procedures. Critically important investments such as UPS power supply systems necessitates that you make an informed decision after consulting with industry experts!


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