7 Product Photography Tips That’ll Increase Your Conversion Rate

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Photography of all types has been quietly gaining a lot of popularity in the past two decades. People who enjoy traveling have become nearly professional photographers as cameras have become a must-have accessory for any traveler. As companies use social media more extensively, product videos and product photography have also become necessary to create a solid image online. For new photographers it might seem like getting pro-level results is an impossible task and that it can’t be done without investing thousands of dollars in gear. Here are a few tips to help you get much better results using just your phone, or any basic camera that you have.

1. Use Your Environment

Other than the product or subject itself, the environment that you shoot in is your most valuable asset. You can completely change the feel of the photo simply by changing where you take your photos and the kinds of elements that you have in your picture. While you might enjoy shooting indoors and editing in the background later, try going for the real thing. Use different scenarios to see how they measure up against your studio setting.

2. Think of The Edit

Too many photographers focus on getting the perfect shot, forgetting that the edit can help in improving the image. There are even advanced photo editing tools like image upscalers which are AI-powered tools that allow you to upscale images online without losing quality.

Instead of worrying too much about the picture, worry about getting a picture that is easier to edit. If you can’t get the right lighting but you can get the right angle then go for it. In the edit, you can change the lighting but you can’t change the angle. Focus on what is beyond the scope of editing when you are capturing images.

3. Use A Tripod

You might think that you have the hands of a surgeon and the patience of a monk, but there is no replacement for a tripod. Especially for product photography, you want a setup that you can let stand while you modify other factors like the backdrop without worrying about getting the same angle again because you were free-standing. You can get any kind of tripod that will suit your needs but the important thing is that you get one. This will also give you the ability to shoot in more difficult to hold poses as you can adjust the camera setup once.

4. Maximize Lighting

Possibly one of the most underrated factors is the lighting in your photos. Simply being able to bend the light the right way and create the right kinds of shadows can completely change your picture’s composition. In fact, Studio Palms suggests that lighting should be one of the first investments a serious photographer should plan for. Even if you have an average camera, you can get much better and more varied results with better and more versatile lighting options. Even a top-of-the-line camera might not be able to compensate for poor lighting conditions. Also, try photographing outdoors using natural light as much as possible, especially during golden hour.

5. Use The Right Lens

With the right lighting, the right setup, and the backdrop what you need next is the right lens. This is a major part of your camera. Using the right lens makes all the difference in not only the quality of the image but the feel of the situation. These are so important that manufacturers have even made lenses for mobile phones that take the camera capabilities to another level. Whether you are looking to get a landscape shot with the product in close focus or you are looking to get a fish eyeshot, with the right lens you can do this from your phone.

6. Add Some Props

The classic white backdrop is great but it isn’t the best choice for all products. In some cases you want the picture to have a bit more character and a bit more visual appeal. Using props won’t take the attention away from the main subject if you do it right. Moreover, it is a great way to introduce more color to the overall image. Experiment with a few things and see what others are doing in their images. This will definitely make your photos look more professional.

7. Rule Of The Thirds

According to this rule, you will break your image frame into three rows and three columns so that you have a nine-box grid in the frame. The aim is to get the subject to occupy one portion of the frame while leaving two-thirds open. For product photos, you can use two-thirds and leave one-third open to bring more attention to the product itself.

Just like many other skills in life, practice plays a big role in how well you take photographs. Also, studying how other photographers structure their photos and paying attention to their style of editing will also help. You don’t have to copy what they do but you can definitely learn from the underlying principles that they use in their work. The gear you use is definitely important but it is not the first priority at all. The focus should be on being able to understand how you can technically get the best shot.



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