Buffer Vs Hootsuite: Which One is Best for you?

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Growth on Instagram requires a lot of effort. There are many Instagram tools that help you to gain active and real Instagram followers. These tools take the majority of the work on themselves to relieve the pressure on you. They help you gain engagement, analyze data, schedule posts, and much more. Buffer and Hootsuite are some of the top competitors in this space. Both of them have their own set of tools. In this article, we have aimed to help you pick the best service based on your needs. You will be able to understand which tool has the best chance of helping you gain real Instagram followers.



Engagement can be boosted by using the tools provided by Buffer. Buffer has focused on creating a tool that simplifies and reduces the time taken to do engagement. Engaging with your audience is an important part of Instagram. With their tools, you increase the chance of gaining Instagram followers. All of your comments are organized in a grid format for you to easily answer them.

Comments across various posts are grouped. This prevents you from wasting your time scouring through the comments. These organized comments make it much easier for Instagram creators to gain meaningful engagement with their audience. Using their software you can easily answer comments from your desktop. These comments are organized based on their type and priority. This allows you to answer all important comments with ease. It is one of the best instagram automation tools to increase your engagement.


The engagement tools from Hootsuite help you to customize the engagement as per your needs. With the tool, you can monitor the trends spread across various social media platforms. Hootsuite helps you to classify and categorize the direct messages that you receive.

This helps you to be more productive and get work done faster. You can filter out the important messages. You can even send messages to your team members to deal with them. This tool helps you to tackle the large inflow of messages by distributing them into various groups and allowing you to assign them to members. With their saved replies function you can save some pre-written replies. This is one of the best methods to answer frequently asked questions. With just a click of a button, you can reply to these messages. Their machine learning tool will even help you out by suggesting which replies are the best.

2. Scheduling


Buffer has impressive scheduling tools. With their tools, you can easily prepare posts to be published later. Posting during the correct times for your audience matters a lot when it comes to social media. It is not always possible to stick to the best times for posting. This causes creators and businesses to lose a lot of engagement. With their scheduler tools, you do not have to worry about these problems anymore. The scheduler comes packed with other features as well. You can add the first comment to every post that you schedule.


Hootsuite has optimized its scheduler to offer you unmatched performance. Their planner provides you with a calendar that schedules your posts. They are precise with the timing of your posts and hardly mess up. With the additional tools provided you can create optimized posts for Instagram on their platform. You can even assign the tool to post content that fills up the gap present in your content schedule. You have the option to schedule multiple posts at once with their Bulk composer. In case of an emergency or crisis, you can cancel all scheduled posts to deal with the issues at hand. This is one of the best tools to gain real Instagram followers.

3. Analytics


Buffer has a unified dashboard that provides you with data in a single space. This is extremely useful for the quick analysis of data. With their tool, you can track the performance of different types of posts. You can compare boosted posts with normal posts to see whether the boosted posts deliver on your expectations. Understanding your audience is key and their tool delivers on this. You can get detailed insights into the demographics of your audience. With this tool, you can easily develop a target audience using the data it offers you. This in turn helps you gain Instagram followers.


Hootsuite provides various tools for the analysis of your account. Using their monitoring tool you can track any metric across the internet. You get real-time data regarding the word you search and it is one of the most powerful tools on the platform. You can even program it to alert you when your mentions on the internet have a spike. It is one of the best tools to gain real Instagram followers as it tracks the important metrics while filtering out the unwanted ones.

4. Pricing


Buffer offers a 14 day free trial to its clients. It has 2 main plans. The free plan gives you access to 3 channels and the basic features on the platform. The other pan is their paid plan. You can get this plan for $5 per month when billed annually. They allow you to add a team pack to this plan. This allows you to collaborate with your teammates. Adding this team pack gives you access to collaboration tools and you have to pay $12 and $10 per month depending on the billing period.


Hootsuite has a basic plan for free. Their plan starts at $19 per month. You get access to their premium features. You get to manage 10 social profiles and only a single user can access the platform. With the team plan at $99 and the business plan at $599 per month, you get to add more profiles and users.


Hootsuite offers more precise tools. Their software is much more optimized to gain better results. However, their tools are costlier. Buffer is much more affordable. If you have cost constraints, Buffer is a better option.


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